How to Get The Most Out of Your Holiday

Why do we go on holiday? The most common answer is to simply take a break from the toil of everyday life and spend some time relaxing and focussing on ourselves. But instead of just viewing your breaks away as a period of re-charge before you ultimately end-up back home carrying on with the monotony of your life, think of it is a chance to hone new skills and improve yourself. Here are seven tips to getting the absolute most out of your holiday.


  1. Go with the flow

At home, our lives are ordered by routines, expectations and requirements; on holiday, we are free to do as we please, when we please, with no repercussions. Many of us fall into the trap on our holidays of trying to recreate the routines we live by at home and planning our days. Stopping planning and just going with the flow freshens the mind and allows for a new, clearer headed-perspective, and a much needed respite from the monotony of every-day life.


  1. Spend time with your loved ones

Going on holiday gives us the opportunity to spend time with our loved ones and have fun doing things we wouldn’t normally get to do at home, such as snorkelling through a reef, kayaking through a lagoon, or riding a camel through the dessert dunes. Make the effort to go out of your comfort zone and make some new timeless memories to share with your loved ones.


  1. Relax

Possibly the most popular reason for going on holiday: to take a break from life, de-stress and relax. A holiday gives us the chance to recharge our batteries and enjoy some desperately needed (and well deserved!) peace and quiet. Spend your days doing what you enjoy the most – whether that be lazing by the pool, stretching out on the beach, or hiking through jungles and out-backs. Throw on a pair of joggers from Jacamo and go for a stroll without worrying about having to get dressed-up.


  1. Limit your internet usage

Apart from the occasional Facebook or Instagram post showing your friends how much of an incredible time you’re having, stay away from the Internet. Cut yourself off from the world back home and focus on yourself and those closest to you. Throw yourself into a good book or go for a stroll. Clear your mind of the mundane and enjoy your time doing absolutely nothing.


  1. Try something new

Holidays provide us with the chance to experience new challenges and try new things – whether it would be trying your hand at picking up a new lingo, jumping from a waterfall, or trying a new cuisine. Speak with the locals about must-see sights that might not be located on the beaten tourist track.


  1. Avoid reviews

While the temptation to plan everything may threaten to become overpowering, ignore your impulses and just go with it. It might sound cliché, but everyone is different, and what wasn’t good for one person may be incredible for you. Don’t base your decisions on someone else’s review; instead, try everything for yourself and form your own opinions. Taking charge on holiday can help you to build your self-esteem and be confident in your own decisions.

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