5 Types of Accommodation for Your UK Trip

When you are in the process of planning a holiday, one of the most important factors to take into consideration, after the destination, is where you plan to stay.

As well as being the all-important base from which point you will explore your chosen destination, the accommodation you choose has the power to make or break your trip, as well as influencing other aspects of the getaway.

Of course, as with any other country, the UK offers a wide range of different accommodation options perfect for tourists, travellers and holidaymakers. The suitability of each of these options will depend largely on your budget, the size of your party and your personal travel preferences, but it is important to do your research and pick out somewhere to stay that suits everyone rather than just settling for the first or cheapest option.

When you are choosing your perfect form of accommodation, there are a number of essential factors that you should keep in mind. As well as those already discussed, they also include the convenience of the location and how easy it is to access, especially in relation to any particular sights or attractions which you already know that you want to visit.

But with the sheer amount of variety on offer, it can often be hard to pick out the type of accommodation which will work best for you. To help you out here are five of the main, most common types of accommodation that are available to you when you journey to the UK.


Wherever you go in the world, the hotel is likely to be the most popular accommodation option. Hotels are convenient and also offer a safe, secure place for you to leave your belongings when out and about, as well as providing an excellent base for your time away from home.

If you prefer a little more freedom or are on a stricter budget, a B&B can be a great alternative. Offering much more flexibility than the traditional hotel, charming B&Bs can often be found in the most picturesque of locations throughout the country.


One for the more adventurous types, camping is a great opportunity to spend time outdoors and away from the stresses of everyday urban life. Get back to grips with nature and choose a scenic countryside location to really get the most out of your camping experience.


For families or those who don’t want to compromise on all the familiarity and comforts of home, a holiday cottage is a practical solution. Holiday cottages can be a real home away from home, offering an attractive building to call your own for the duration of your stay. From tiny cottages tucked away in seaside villages to sprawling homes spread out amongst picturesque British scenery, there are plenty of options to suit every taste.


The humble caravan holiday sparks memories of childhood, nostalgia, and typical British seaside holidays. Hire a motorhome or touring caravan for a road trip around the British Isles, or alternatively, choose a caravan in one of the country’s many holiday parks for a trip down memory lane. Caravan holiday parks dot the British coastline, though many can also be found situated amongst stunning English countryside, offering plenty of choices.


For something a little different, how about staying on a boat? The British countryside is crisscrossed with charming waterways, offering the perfect opportunity to escape the rush of the city and trade it in for a slower, more relaxing pace of life. From canal boat holidays to boat trips down the Norfolk Broads, this is the perfect option for embracing rural British life.

No matter which type of accommodation you do eventually decide to go for, it is important to take the time to carefully consider your choice and do plenty of research in order to ensure that you make a decision that works well for you and meets your requirements.

Plus, once you have got the accommodation decision out the way and everything is all settled and booked up, you can then start planning the rest of your adventure!

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