10 Best Student Destinations of 2018: Cheap And Amazing!

One of the great things about being a young college student is that you often have few obligations. This means you have more opportunity to travel. Whether it’s a weekend road trip, a summer spent volunteering in another country, or simply a vacation taken simply to explore a new place the world is yours to see.

Well, mostly it is. There is the issue of money. If you’re like most college students,  there isn’t much of that to spare. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean you’re stuck at home. You can still travel to some amazing places. In fact, the ten travel destinations meet college student’s requirements and then some. They are both cheap and amazing!

Las Vegas, Nevada

There is no doubt about it. There are plenty of ways to make a Vegas vacation cost a ton of money. At the same time, it can be an exceptionally inexpensive place as well. For example, if clubs and casinos are your thing, veer away from the strip and check out Fremont St. in downtown. Vegas also has plenty of inexpensive dining options.

Remember that while in Vegas you’re close enough to the Red Rock Canyon for a nice excursion. Attractions such as the Neon Boneyard and the Las Vegas mob museum are fun ways to spend your days without feeding slot machines.

Panama City Beach, Florida

Forget about spring break. It’s overcrowded, expensive, and miserable. Instead, consider booking a trip to this beach town over your Thanksgiving break. Flights and rooms will be much less expensive. Plus, there is still plenty to do.

Yes, it may be too cool to swim outside, but you should be able to find a nice hotel with a heated pool. Then, take the money you’ve saved and enjoy the many things to see and do. You can start with a trip to Shell Island to see the dolphins. Then, fill up at Fatty’s sandwich shop.


You’d think the home of the Galapagos Island would be a super-expensive destination, but it really isn’t. First, it’s an absolutely beautiful country for backpacking. If that’s your thing, you can save plenty of money on hotel costs. Then again, if you prefer sleeping indoors, a private room can run as little as 12 USD per night.

Food is also amazingly cheap. Local food sold in food carts and small will usually be under 5 USD. Plan on around 10 dollars if you want to have a full sit down meal. Either way, very affordable. Prices for attractions vary. Galapagos can be pricy, but museums and other excursions can run less than 35 dollars per day.


Surrounded by sea and mountains, this small European country is just now emerging as a beautiful and inexpensive travel destination. Although, savvy travelers have been in on the secret for years.

To start transportation and  accommodations are very inexpensive and safe as well. The hostels are very inviting. A day of travel on public transit can cost less than a dollar. If you eat local, food is inexpensive as well. Cheese bread, dumplings, and other fare often runs less than a dollar each.

Finally, bring your student ID. Many museums and other attractions will honor these with a special discount. Although with price of admission under 2 dollars in many instances, you should be fine even if you do pay full price. And, if your preference is to drink and party, you will feel right at home. Not only does Georgia have amazing wine, but other types of alcohol are popular as well. Even better, Georgian’s love to host.


Let’s start with accommodations. You may only spend between 4 USD and 12 USD per night. The low range of this being an inexpensive hostel and the high range a budget hotel with a double bed. This almost always include free WiFi. Many places also offer breakfast and sometimes free beer.

As far as food goes, once again eating local is key to saving money. Traditional rice and noodle dishes can be as little as a dollar, sometimes less. Western style food will of course cost more.

Vietnam is all about culture and natural beauty. Because of this, most things to do are extremely inexpensive or free. Plan to spend a day exploring Hanoi, take a cooking class, or simply enjoy a few beers with the locals.

For the best way to immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of these beautiful countries in southeast Asia, I recommend the Vietnam and Cambodia tours by Indochina Tour. These tours last anywhere from six to 33 days and are all independent and fully tailored by Indochina Tour’s travel experts, and can be tailor made based on what you want to see and do.


Located just south of Mexico, Belize has quickly become one of the most popular destinations in Central America. In spite of this, it’s very possible for students to travel to Belize on a tight budget. Belize is also a great alternative to those who want the beach experience that’s more laid back than in other locales.

A bed in a dorm at hostel in Belize starts at about 15 USD. Private rooms and budget hotels are 35 to 50 USD. An entire home will run about 75 USD. This is something worth considering for group travel.

For transportation, stick to public buses for the best deals. Activities are fairly reasonable, especially when you consider that so many of them represent bucket list activities for most. For example, entrance fees to see Mayan ruins or a wildlife sanctuary will run under 20 USD. A day long scuba trip may be a bit pricy at around 100, but it’s well worth the splurge.

Sedona, Arizona

Sedona is regarded as one of the truly most peaceful places on earth. Did you know that for just 15 dollars you can buy a red rock pass and get a week of hiking? Like other budget destinations, this one is ideal for those who prefer outdoor activities. Check out the view of Oak Creek Canyon as you drive scenic hwy 189.

Restaurants and bars can be pricy. However, if you avoid the tourist traps and stick with local fare you should be able to get your eat and drink on while staying in budget. Check out Tortas De Fuego and Senor Bob’s Hot Dogs for cheaping, filling, portable food. For cheap drinks, the Sundowner is a dive bar in the best sense possible.

The Balkans

For students who have fantasized about a dream trip to Europe but don’t have much money, the Balkans are a great option. First let’s talk about accommodations. A bed in a dorm can start as low as 12 USD. A private hostel room will cost around 30 USD. Of course, this can vary depending on the exact country you are in. Still a great bargain.

For transportation, forget about trains or car rental. Bus travel is the least expensive. In fact, many buses travel between multiple countries. So you can visit as many destinations as possible. Local foods such as cevapi and kebab are exceedingly inexpensive as well.

Now the destinations! The good news here is that many attractions are free of charge or they ask for a voluntary fee. The Balkans are famous for parties and great nightlife, and drinking there won’t sink your budget. Beer and other drinks are usually less than two dollars apiece.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

If your tastes are more cosmopolitan than camping, check out Toronto. While it’s a major city with communities, culture, and sights to see that rival other major cities such as New York and Tokyo, budget travel to Toronto is still a possibility.

To keep hotel rates inexpensive, consider staying outside of the city center. Public transit is efficient and up to date here, so no worries about rental cars.

As far as attractions go, there are theaters, museums, restaurants, and much more. Just like other major cities, some of the best entertainment comes from simply walking around, people watching, and taking everything in.


Imagine staying in a major city such as Fez or Marrakesh for about ten dollars per day. If dorm living is okay with you, that’s totally doable. Now, cut that cost in half for smaller cities. These prices alone make travel to Morocco on a budget possible.

To keep food and drink in budget, stick with local foods purchased from the many marketplaces. Then, add in the occasional splurge. A very nice spa treatment can be as little as 50 USD. 

Each of these ten destinations are inexpensive in terms of daily costs of food, accommodations, and activities. They also represent a variety of travel budgets and tastes. There should be at least one destination here that is perfect for any college student.

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