2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers

Looking for a nonesuch gift for that adrenaline junkie or honeymooner in your life? It is never that easy to come up with the best package. If you’re going to be in a position to achieve this, then you need to skip the money-belt this year. Buy the gifts that your favorite intrepid globe-trotter will want to get their hands on.

These gifts will make their journey to be of much comfort and with great convenience. With the experience we’ve gained throughout the years, our team has become especially careful about what you pack on your straps just before embarking your journey around the world. Below is our holiday gift guide for 2017, which you’ll find has something for every type traveler and budget.

Armani Exchange Men’s Hybrid Smartwatch ($120 – $210)

An elegant timepiece never goes out of style, especially when it combines the sporty style of the Armani Exchange brand with all the perks of a hybrid smartwatch equipped with the latest technology. The A|X Men’s Connected Black Leather Strap Hybrid Smart Watch 44mm is perfect for the avid traveler. Features include calorie tracking, distance tracking, music control, sleep, and step tracking. I was recently gifted this watch and took it for a test run on a 2-week trip to Asia and I received tons of compliments. I especially loved the activity tracker that paired with my smartphone and the second time zone that helped me keep track of when I could make calls back to the states. The A|X line of Men’s fashion watches are also great for active travelers and sports enthusiasts who appreciate sleek, uncomplicated design. The A|X Men’s Chronograph Silicone Strap Watch 44mm is a classic style.

Away Luggage ($225)

Away’s inbuilt battery allows you to charge your electronic devices on the go. Even though this smart luggage may make things difficult for some, it is surprisingly lightweight and comes with an easy-to-follow manual. The smart luggage has a screwdriver case that may come in handy in case you need to remove the battery. Its hard-case is made from polycarbonate material, which is excellently durable and light, best suited to meet the airline’s strict carry-on-size limitations. Its weight, overall size, maneuverability, wheel performance, handle-comfort and its durability surpass the standards best suited for a travel gift.

Skyroam Wi-Fi ($149.99)

With the current internet age where almost everyone is a tech-savvy, nothing completes a travel gift like providing your recipient with an assurance of long-term internet connectivity.  This is why we have decided to include Skyroam WiFi device to our list. Skyroam is a portable hotspot device that ascertains unlimited Wi-Fi in over 80 countries for up to 5 devices at once. This device capability is probably the best news for travelers with locked phones who don’t want to unlock their devices, let alone relying on public hotspots for the internet. Skyroam being a clear and accessible alternative to SIM cards and monthly data plans makes it this the best travel gift for internet connection.

Bose QuietControl Wireless Headphones ($299)

Regardless of how much it is going to cost you to get a quality pair of in-ear headphones, the one thing you can never get past is the noise from the outside world. Your in-ear headphones may have the best sound going, but like most headphones, your tunes will always be interrupted by traffic noise or office chatter; unless your headphones have the capabilities to block it out. That is where the Bose QuiteControl Wireless in-ear headphones take the tide by being the top-notch noise blocker. These headphones reach all their targets with great sound, incredible noise cancellation and good comfort (from their great physical design). The headphones surpass the standards of toughness and flexibility, ruling out the worries of them snapping out. This is one solid gift to your travel friend!

Turtle Pillow ($29)

There is nothing better placed than having nap moments in between take-off and the minute wheels touch-down. What’s better at that than the Turtle pillows? Travel turtle pillows are more like a scarf, and they are a perfect collection of your loved ones travel gifts this year. The turtle pillow comes with the best advantages there are; light, soft, comfy and supportive of the neck while sleeping. It has hidden support structure that is best suited to cradle the head while taking a nap even in the middle of the seat. The turtle pillows tally in prices depending on your best choice of purchase. One thing is certain though; they are all worth every dime.

Kinzd Travel Neck Pouch ($10)

The Kinzd Neck Pouch has various compartments to keep travel documents, personal items and money safe while traveling. It’s super slim design helps you wear it discretely underneath clothing, and it also has an adjustable neck strap to fit everyone comfortably. The wearer could also carry it on the shoulder or snugly on a waist belt. Other features include anti-tear nylon fabric, waterproof lining, six separate zippered pockets and RFID theft protection technology. If the traveler you’re looking for similar products, Kinzd has several travel wallets, money clips, money clips and card cases.

Vasco Packing Cubes ($287-$389)

Moving around these days is a lot more tedious than it used to be. There are now some restrictions already in place about the amount of luggage you plan on carrying with you. So the traveler today has gained the knowledge on how to pack simpler and lighter luggage. The decisions made during packing of the luggage required is painful and mean at the same time since some essentials are left behind. Vasco smart packing cubes and bags will enable you to avoid the torture of leaving almost every essential material you’ll need later. Right from clothes, shoes, makeup, cords for your phone/laptop, documents; the Vasco smart cubes will allow you to keep them in order all in one place. All you will need is to find what you need quickly; the 7 unique bags with a vast number of valuables features that will make your trip amazingly easy.

Dot & Dot Electronics Organizer ($18.99)

Found on the Dot & Dot travel shops, Dot & Dot Electronics Organizer bag is a portable and lightweight accessory organizer. It measures 10×8 inches and is designed to lay flat in your luggage. It also fits perfectly in your laptop bag which greatly increases. The organizer is made from the best materials that are long-lasting, and so it’s a best-suited travel gift for those who have gadgets. Moreover, finding and sorting your electronics gear accessories is going to be a breeze with the Dot & Dot Electronic Organizer.

UGG Travel Set (65.96)

If you’re going to send your beloved recipient a travel gift package, then you wouldn’t wish to miss out on the amazing UGG travel set. Currently retailing at $65.96, the UGG travel set promises you a relaxing and restful trip with a plush eye musk. With it too is a matching travel blanket that is incredibly sized to offer a comfy condition regardless of the leg room available. The UGG travel package has unique features first of their kind including; An eye mask made of 100% Polyester Fleece, blanket made of 56% Polyester, 39% cotton and certainly 5% Spandex materials, with a machine wash warm. The travel set comes in handy during on flight travels, camping as well as while on road trips.

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