7 Tips for Travelling and Vaping During Holidays

With a whole world of portable vaporizers for you to choose from, there’s no reason you can’t be getting quality vapor in while traveling.

Holidays are a great time to get reacquainted with your favorite portable vaporizer and for taking time to push out some quality vapor.

But before you rush off and start vaping clouds of thick vapor anywhere and everywhere there are a few things you should probably keep in mind. Most of these tips below are common sense but hopefully, each one will keep you out of trouble and allow you to have the least stressful time possible.

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Know the Law

Whether you’re going overseas or visiting some friends in a different state it’s important to know what the law is. You don’t want to find yourself in some new place with no working knowledge of the law and an angry authority figure standing in front of you. Be aware of what is and isn’t legal depending on where you are. You don’t want your great holiday to be ruined by a trip to the local jail.

Know the Airline Regulations

As well as knowing the laws of the land, you’re going to discover it’s equally important that you’re aware of airline policy. Airlines may differ on what is and what isn’t allowed on board their flights or in their departure lounges. Don’t get confused and do something silly that could land you with an expensive fine or, worse, trouble with the authorities when you land. I recommend checking vaping etiquette guide to learn more about Vaping.

Be aware that most airlines do not care one iota if you take a vape on board the plane as long as it’s not inside your checked luggage. Also, make sure your batteries are not in your checked luggage. This is pretty much the case for every single airline. But more on batteries later.

Be Patient When Explaining

Not everyone is going to know what you’re carrying. Sure vaping is more becoming more and more common but not everyone is up to speed just yet. And if you have an extensive vape kit or a nondescript looking vaporizer like a Vapium Summit+ perhaps not everyone will know what you’ve got.

While there shouldn’t be any problems traveling with vaping equipment it’s always possible that you might meet a member of airport staff who just doesn’t ‘get it.’ In this case, you might have to spend a little time explaining your marijuana vaporizer and its components but don’t let that put a dampener on your trip.

As long as you’ve followed the rules and aren’t doing anything silly then you should have no real problems. But when traveling you might be pressed for time, it’s easy to forget this and you’re more likely to go off on someone. Don’t do that. Breathe and be patient.


Batteries. Say it with me now, everyone, ‘batteries’. They are so important and so easily forgotten. Whether you have your rechargeable batteries ready to go or need to pack a few spare ones make sure you’ve got them with you. Pack spares, double check, triple check. Don’t get stuck miles from anywhere with a dead battery in your vaporizer.

Also, as mentioned before, batteries are not allowed to be stored in your checked baggage. This includes Lithium-ion batteries. And this is true of all airlines. Of course, you can still bring them in your hand luggage and carry on. You will also need to remove your batteries from your vaporizer for the duration of the flight just so there’s no chance of it going on. If you can’t remove the batteries just remove the atomizer.

Have Your Gear Ready

Everyone hates being held up at security. It doesn’t matter if you’re that person with pockets full of hidden change or the one who suddenly remembers that yes there is metal on their belt buckle if you are the person that causes delays you will be hated.

So before you get to the airport, or at the very least to the gates, make sure you’ve prepped your stuff and it’s easily reachable to take out, display, and to pack away again. This will make things go a lot smoother for everyone and you will be way less stressed.

Pack Gear Carefully

This is probably an instinctual habit but always make sure that your gear is packed in the safest and most efficient way. It may not be a bad idea to acquire a dedicated kit or bag for storing all of your gear. This way you can have it all in one place and be sure it won’t be getting thrown around or in any way damaged. Investing in a portable and durable vaporizer like the Vapium Summit+ that is made from high grade materials isn’t a bad thing to consider when traveling.

It’s also really convenient for when you inevitably have to take it out and show to airport security. It adds a level of credibility that you’d go to so much care for your gear.

This is why vaporizers such as the Crafty vaporizer are really convenient. Their small size and lightweight are perfect for traveling with. Plus, to look at a Crafty, if you didn’t know about vaporizers you’d probably think it was something else.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Hopefully, this doesn’t need to be pointed out to you but you are not allowed to vape on a plane. Don’t try and sneak into the bathroom for a sneaky vape session, either, because for one thing, it’ll be really unsatisfying. The anxiety coupled with the tiny vaping space will just leave you feeling more restless than before you started.

Also depending on where you’re going try and understand that not everybody wants to be inhaling your second-hand vapor so use your best judgment to see if when and where you are is an appropriate venue for a vaping session. In case you’re worried about raising any suspicions while in public, a vape pen like the G Pen Elite would be perfect because even out in the open it would be easily concealable.

So there you are, seven tips I hope you find useful. If you follow these tips you’ll keep your gear safe whether you’re carrying a Crafty Vaporizer or even a bigger unit like the Volcano. Once prepared your stress levels go down and that’s what we want. The main point to take away here it’s to be considerate of others.

Once you know the laws you can avoid stressing authorities, once you’re prepared you can avoid delays, and once you pack the essentials you can avoid frustrating yourself. Have fun on your holidays and enjoy some quality vapor.

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