5 Reasons to go on Holiday to Crete

Crete is the biggest island in Greece and it is filled with fabulous things to do and see. Here are 5 reasons to go on Holiday to Crete.

Historic Villages

The villages of Crete are filled with Venetian and Ottoman architecture. You can always find a square with a church at the centre of the village and most of the houses are made of stone. You can walk through the narrow streets, explore beautiful flower gardens, and take in the spectacular scenery around you.

A few notable villages to visit are Sfakia, Rethymno, Agios Nikolaos, Anogia and Archanes. You can indulge in different activities in each village and immerse yourself in the traditional Greek way of life.

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Beautiful Villas in Scenic Locations

Crete can be a difficult place to get around so it is a great place to rent a car and stay in a villa. There are plenty of rental villas to choose from and you can get places that have stunning views of the sea, gardens, and modern amenities like private pools and Jacuzzis. You can get catering options or find convenient shopping areas that are in close proximity. You will be able to spend a lovely vacation watching the stunning scenery of mountains and the sea around you.

Glorious Beaches

Crete has hundreds of beautiful beaches along its 650 miles of coastline. You can visit Balos and Elafonissi in Chania as they are known for their spectacular scenic surroundings. The Vai beach in Lassithi is surrounded by over 5000 palm trees and is a family friendly beach. Be sure to visit the Preveli beach in Rethymno and see the river flowing into the sea. You can also visit the Tymbaki beach in Heraklion that has seaside taverns that offer traditional recipes, umbrellas and sunbeds.

Ancient Ruins

Crete has history that merges with myths and there are various archaeological sites to visit on this beautiful Island. Explore the Palace of Knossos in Heraklion which was a political and ceremonial centre for the Minoan civilization. You can visit the Ancient Aptera in Souda where the Roman water cisterns dating back over 2,000 years. Take a walk through the ancient theatre and Doric temples and also view the stunning scenery around it. Be sure to visit the Malia Minoan Palace in Malia and see the ruins of the palace that was built several thousand years ago. You can also see the model reconstruction to get a glimpse of what the palace might have looked like.

Excellent Golfing Opportunities

You can visit Crete on a Golf Holiday as there are plenty of golf courses. Hersonissos Crete Club offers a 18-hole Golf course and you can enjoy the fantastic facilities available on this course with amenities such as buggies, club hire, club house, restaurant and bar. The course is designed in a desert style layout which has expansive fairways through rock and ravines. There are lots of hotels in Crete which have golf courses, so you can enjoy golfing all day without having to worry about getting back to your hotel. The weather is usually bright and sunny and it is a great place to spend a golf vacation.

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