How to Use A Neck Travel Pillow

While doing long trips, having a good neck pillow can make a huge difference. This type of pillow provides essential support for the neck to allow you to sleep or sit in a relaxed position, even when the flight is uncomfortable and cramped.

Finding a pillow that suits your style of sleeping is essential, and for added comfort, make sure to try various positions to locate the most comfortable for you. To make the best out of a travel pillow, here are some guidelines to help you understand how to use one.

Inflate the pillow if necessary

You can find inflatable pillows that can be a convenient solution if you want to save space in your luggage. If you have an inflatable version, make sure to blow air into the pillow to make it rounder and firmer. Once you are done, seal the air tube.

There are pillows that self-inflate, which is possible through turning the valve to allow the pillow to inflate slowly. Non-inflatable pillows could be a bit of an inconvenience as far as space is concerned because they are made up of microbeads and foam, but they are generally more comfortable.

Cover the pillow in a scarf or T-shirt

Some less expensive inflatable travel pillows are made from plastic and might not have a surface that is comfortable. To make the neck travel pillow more comfortable, you can use a soft piece of clothing like a light scarf to cover it. Another option would be to buy a removable cover for the pillow that could act as soft padding to give you the comfort you need while traveling.

Fix the pillow around the neck

Most travel pillows are U-shaped and can be fitted around the neck using an opening over the throat. You can find those with straps that conveniently cross the opening to ensure it stays in place. In case your pillow is not designed this way, it most likely is meant to fit between the head and shoulder. This is the best for people who sleep and don’t change position.

Recline your seat

The most important function of the pillow is to offer support to the head as it falls to the side or back. Reclining the seat could make this position more comfortable. Just a gentle recline of the seat, while being careful not to inconvenience the passenger behind you, will allow you to stay in a perfect position.

Rotate for different sleeping positions

A U-shaped pillow allows you to enjoy sleeping in different positions. You can turn it around to support your chin while ensuring your head falls forward. While using the pillow on your shoulder, switch to the other to stay in a comfortable position and ensure you don’t tire one side of your body.

Traveling should never be something that leaves you exhausted. There are different things you could do that will help you have the comfort you need while traveling. One of those solutions is having a neck travel pillow, which will come as an added accessory to enhance your comfort. Learn how to use the pillow to ensure it serves you well. Use it in different positions for comfort.

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