How to Avoid Lost Luggage and What to Do If It Happens

While traveling, you may have come across a situation where your bags are lost. Although it is not common, every passenger has to face this difficult situation once in their lifetime. Therefore, you must be aware of the things to do in case you lose your luggage at an airport. More importantly, you need to consider the key aspects in order to keep your luggage safe and secure, so you don’t have to fret over searching for it.

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Bags that are not usually lost due to human mistakes are delayed at arrival due to airline processing, especially because of handlers who switch luggage during flights. Such bags are generally temporarily lost and can be recovered after notifying the airline staff.

Be Prepared For A Delayed Or Lost Bag

Understand that a luggage bag may arrive late due to airline processing, so be prepared for it and do your homework. It might come in handy when claiming your lost luggage. This includes taking a picture of your luggage bag to accurately describe it to the officials. Choose an extra small carry-on like the Frequent Flyer Lexicon from Victorinox which you can easily carry around, so you do not have to be worried about it being lost somewhere in the baggage during travel. The Briggs & Riley small carry on is a globally accepted hold luggage where you can keep all your important items in case of lost luggage.  The maximum dimensions for a carry-on bag in the US Airlines are 9 inches x 14 inches x 22 inches (22 cm x 35 cm x 56 cm), comprising handles and wheels.

Most bags carry an identification card on them that is attached by the airline staff. These can at times break off, so I advise you to include your contact details and ownership information inside your luggage bag. Somewhere at the top where it’s easily accessible.

Do not open your carry-ons to check for your personal belongings right away. It can also lead to lost items. Wait until you get to your destination and then open your bags to find your clothes, laptop or tablet.

I recommend using a tracker device to monitor your luggage and avoid any hassle. The device is easily available in the market and you can purchase it for $50-75 including a yearly service fee. Simply place this inside your baggage and it will send regular updates to your selected gadget like your phone or notebook.

What To Do In Case Of Lost Bags

While a trip to Thailand or Barbados sounds exciting, you never want to spoil the fun just because you have lost your bag. In the event you find yourself searching for it, here’s what to do:

Contact the airline staff immediately, notify them of the lost luggage and provide them with all necessary details. Collect the report for further action. You may also ask the staff to provide you with a reimbursement that is a fair compensation for the lost baggage. Most American airlines compensate their clients with money in return depending on the luggage items. So, if you’re using one of these airlines, ask them for an appropriate reimbursement. Also, request the airport staff to return your luggage fee as a rebate to make up for the lost stuff.

Moreover, contact your bank and credit card provider for reimbursement. These institutions usually offer protection fee for luggage, especially to clients who are frequent fliers. Request them to provide you with the necessary compensation and rebates if any.

Keep up with the updates and follow-up with the airline authorities because they may take some time to find your bag. Be determined to get back your luggage. Do not panic and be patient with it. You will eventually be reimbursed by the airline staff within a period of 3-4 months.


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