Linx Gaia Review 2018 : The Messiah of the Vaping World?

“Jesus turned water into wine, the Linx Gaia vaporizer turns bad vibes into good times”

The Linx Gaia is one of the latest dry-herb vaporizers released by well known vaporizer brand Linx Vapor. Linx Vapor are renowned for their high quality wax vaporizers, but what about their latest dry herb vaporizer? Does it stack up against the rest? We’re taking a look at whether or not it does and if it’s worth throwing your hard earned money at it.

Filling up the Linx Gaia

Loading up the Linx Gaia vaporizer I found to be a very simple process. To start the process all you have to do is unscrew the quartz mouthpiece to give yourself access to the heating chamber. Then just load the chamber up with your herb of choice, ensure to leave adequate room to allow for a better airflow and vapor result. Screw back on the mouthpiece and voila you’re done.

Vaping the Linx Gaia

The Linx Gaia takes no time at all to get going, to start you click the button 5 times to activate. Heating times do vary depending on how long you hold the starter button. The OLED display is a huge bonus allowing you to see the device heating up without having to guess. This was a feature I really grew to like the more I used the vaporizer. To control the temperature, use the up and down control buttons and set your vaporizer at your desired individual degree. The device itself can reach a temperature of 420F (I like their style) however, I never felt at any time it was getting too hot to hold which is always a bonus.

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Overall the vapor production and flavor created by the Linx Gaia was outstanding. The quartz chamber I felt made a huge difference and give you a great clean taste as well as a great cloud result, and who doesn’t enjoy a nice cloud.

The Design Of The Linx Gaia

The outer shell on this vape is a box-mode, simple design. This allows for a way for the vape to far more intuitive, even though it does take away much of its overall stealth. However, the additional size present in the body of the device does assist in delivering additional power. Overall, the Linx Gaia offers a modern and slick feel, I enjoyed holding it and I think you’ll agree if you get the opportunity.

The Linx Gaia Features

You will never be left in the dark on information when it comes to the OLED screen display that offers important information such as the temperature settings and the battery levels, meaning you will always know how much battery life is left before you will need to recharge the device. Under the screen of the device, you will find a set of adjustment buttons that you can use to fine tune the exact temperature that you prefer. You can also customize the settings so that you enjoy your vape sessions the same way every time or change it up when experimenting with new materials.
In the base of the device is a stirring tool that is magnetically located which is available to allow for a way to stir the bowl when you reach halfway or close to the end up each session. Linx Vapor themselves recommend you make use of the stirring tool to ensure you always experience optimal vaporization with each session.


The Linx Gaia is a vaping beauty. It will leave you questioning how it’s the first quartz herb chamber on the market and why other vaporizer manufacturers haven’t gone down this route more often. The quality of the vapor is more than impressive, its easy to clean and whether you’re a complete beginner or seasoned pro you’ll find it more than easy to use.

The Linx Gaia is an innovative dry herb vaporizer and for what it offers is incredible value for money usually retailing at $159.

There are other vaporizers that are ahead in terms of performance such as the Pax 3 Vaporizer however, they are also ahead in terms of price. The Linx Gaia really doesn’t have any competitors when it comes to its price point, its miles above anything valued at the same price currently and a real gem of the dry herb vaporizer market.

Score: 8.5/10

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