How Can Your Lifestyle Affect Your Life Insurance Policy or Premium?

Insurance companies consider a number of things when deciding whether to approve your application for a life insurance policy. Even after approval, these insurance firms have to apply measures to that the amount you are allowed to pay every month.

This decision is mostly informed by risk factors like your habits, your exposure to things that might put your life in danger and even your health condition. Many people get it as a surprise that some things they do for fun are considered risk factors and weigh in while calculating premiums. To help you understand how this works, here are some of the ways your lifestyle could affect your life insurance premium or policy.

Heavy drinking

Someone who drinks alcohol regularly and exceeds moderate levels is likely to put himself at risk of suffering from issues. Some of the problems you are exposed to for drinking include liver problems, which usually result in the need for life insurance providers to classify you as a person. The reason is habit exposes you to a condition that will often require treatment and this expense falls the hands of the insurer. To mitigate losses, insurers will adjust the cost of the policy accordingly and you paying more in premiums than people who don’t drink.


Smoking puts you at a risk of getting different problems, and it also exposes you to the possibility of suffering premature death. Cancer has been one of the biggest threats facing people who smoke and this makes insurance providers to consider such an individual a client. According to hero life insurance international, partaking in smoking makes you a high risk to the insurance company and as a result, you are required to pay higher premiums for your life insurance policy.

Your weight and health

A healthy individual is not a big risk in the eyes of insurance companies. When you are obese or overweight, you face the risk of suffering a number of health issues including stroke and heart attack. These places you in a position of requiring medication more often with specialized care, which might be costly. With this in mind, insurance providers will shield themselves by raising the premiums you pay each month so as to cover the high risk introduced by your weight and poor health.

Risky leisure activities

You might be disappointed that your love is also considered a risk while calculating premiums. Activities like this are classified under risky leisure activities and these are things you would engage in occasionally. While calculating premiums, insurance providers put these things into consideration and estimate the level of risk to decide what to charge you in premiums. If you are the kind of person that thrives when you are exposed to an adrenaline rush and exhilaration, then you might find yourself spending more on your insurance due to the high risk of injury or even worse that you are exposed to.

Hazardous occupations

Dangerous jobs are also a factor that might deny you a chance to save on your insurance premiums. You might score well on all other factors mentioned above but this could come in as the single most important risk factor to affect premium calculations. If you work in an environment in which you are likely to suffer serious injury, or if you use tools that are risky and could cause damage, then you will most likely have to bear with paying higher premiums than people who work in safe environments. This also includes working in an environment where you are likely to be affected by external factors like chemicals and emissions.

How can you bring down life insurance premiums

The change you need to make in your life correcting the things mentioned above. This includes improving your diet and establishing an exercise schedule that will allow you to lose the extra calories. Eat healthy foods and quit smoking, and if you have to drink, do it with moderation so you don’t place yourself at a high risk of suffering problems associated with excessive drinking.

Before an insurance provider decides what you should pay in premiums, they first probe your lifestyle and the habits you have maintained. This helps them to identify your risk level as the insured and informs their decision while calculating premiums. If you have a drinking problem or you are addicted to smoking, you will attract higher premiums. Your health counts, so when you are not in good health the insurance provider will classify you as an individual hence higher premium.


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