7 Tips to Keep Your Luggage Safe

One scary aspect of traveling is making sure your luggage stays safe. Even if you just have clothes and a deodorant in there, it is yours and nobody should be able to get away with it. Often times, people at airports even cut into the bags to get to what’s inside and that’s even worse. So, I’ve made a short list of the ways you can keep your luggage safe and identify it easily when you see it, whether it’s on the conveyor belt or if someone is walking away with it.

Identifying Marks

One thing my grandfather used to make sure was to tie a bright red ribbon very tightly on our suitcases. Well, since people can open those, how about tying something all over your luggage in whatever color you please. Custom Stickers are a good idea too! Get something printed that not anyone else would have. You could even get it printed in a “blow up” size.

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Tamper-Proof Luggage

This kind of luggage is expensive but it is DEFINITELY worth it! A thief will do whatever they can to get into your luggage, even rip it or cut it open. Such bags are proven to be either harder or impossible to cut through. Invest in tamper proof baggage.

Bring Your Own Padlock

BYOP or bring your own padlock. Don’t trust the locks that are already provided with the luggage you purchase, they are very flimsy and extremely weak. Buy a sturdier and durable lock that has a different code to reset it other than “0000”.

Learn to Pack

While this is an art form on its own, knowing how to pack smart, and what to pack are crucial as well. Don’t stuff your bags, it makes it look more tempting, like a stuffed turkey on Thanksgiving Day. Try and pack only your clothes and toiletries in your check-in baggage, or things that you wouldn’t be afraid to use. For valuables, pack them in a carry-on, there are a huge number of carry-on bags that care to different needs and tastes.

Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

This is the perfect saying to explain what I mean. Don’t put all your valuables in the same place, unless you’re holding them close to your body in a carry-on bag. If you do end up putting important things in a check-in bag, place them in different pockets and areas of the bag. This would slow down the person trying to hit the jackpot by stealing from your luggage.

Use Trackers

Be a super spy and use trackers. Yes, they exist and yes they do work. There are many different trackers out there that allow you to keep an eye on the proximity of your bags by using an app right on your phone. While some trackers are more accurate than others, all-in-all, they work pretty well. You just need to know where to look (pun intended).

Know Where You’re Heading

Although there are some very real threats out there, they won’t be so scary if you know they exist. Do your research and learn about the place you’re heading to. And while some people are bad, you’ll be surprised to find, there is more-good in the world than bad. It’s just that the bad people get more attention.

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