The Best Websites To Learn About Whisky from Around the World

Whisky is a popular spirit with a long history stretching back thousands of years.  It even has its own unique vocabulary, including unusual terms like Dram, Draff, and Kilning.  Learning all of the whisky related terminology and understand the complex flavours found in whisky can take some time.

Fortunately, there are plenty of online resources to help you learn more about whisky.  These websites and forums will teach you how to drink whisky correctly, what words like “Draff” actually mean, and which flavours that whiskies from different regions usually contain.  We’ve gathered a few of the best online resources in this article, to help you learn more about this delicious spirit. Forums

The forums are an excellent resource for anyone interested in learning more about whisky.  There are three main subforms:

  • Tasting, Opinions
    There are separate sections for single malt whisky, bourbon, Irish whisky, international whisky, and blended whisky. You can ask questions about specific whiskies or read what other people think about a particular whisky.
  • Whisky fairs, festivals, public tastings, masterclasses
    These forums will help you stay up-to-date with the latest whisky events including fairs, festivals, tastings, and classes.
  • About this forum
    This section contains general support forums and a useful FAQ section.

Whiskey Bon

Whiskey Bon is one of the leading whisky review websites on the Internet.  It reviews dozens of Scotch, Bourbon, Japanese, and Rye whiskies from distilleries like Jack Daniels, Four Roses, Glen Keith, Glenfiddich, and Macallan.  Each review lists the technical details of the whisky (ABV, Distillery, Age, Release), the nose, the taste, and the finish.  The information is presented in a simple format that even whisky novices can understand.

The blog section contains useful information on the history of whisky, how to taste whisky, and much more.  The articles will also give you excellent background knowledge of the processes used to make whisky and which distilleries are currently producing the best whiskies.

The Scotch Whisky Experience

The Scotch Whisky Experience is a tourist attraction located at the top of Edinburgh’s Royal Mile.  They provide private whisky tastings, whisky training, and online whisky sales.  They also have one of the largest whisky collections in the world, with more than 3,500 different bottles of whisky.

The company’s website is packed with useful information about everything related to whisky, including the history of whisky, how whisky is made, and whisky terminology.

Whisky Whisky Whisky Forums

This is one of the busier online forums for whisky drinkers.  It has over 160,000 whisky related posts from more than 3,000 members.  The posts include discussions about distilleries, tasting notes, whisky events, whisky travel tips, and much more.

There are also some useful forums discussing beer, whine, and cigars.

Whiskey For Everyone

Whiskey For Everyone is the brainchild of Matt Chambers and Karen Taylor.  They are a married couple with a shared passion for whisky.  They created this website in 2008 with the goal of helping whisky drinkers learn more about the history of whisky, tasting whisky and the different whiskey distilleries.

Don’t forget to check out JetSet LifeStyle Blog!

The website has an excellent Whisky Basics section which has a whisky term glossary and a huge amount of information on the factors affecting the flavor of whisky.

Whisky Advocate Blog

Whisky Advocate is one of the largest American whisky magazines.  Their blog is an excellent source of information, particularly for learning about new whisky releases and how to taste whisky.

The Whisky Reddit
Reddit is one of the largest social media websites in the world.  Users can submit all kinds of whisky related content including news articles, reviews, questions, and product announcements.

Other users then upvote or downvote the post, based on how useful or entertaining it is.  You can learn a lot about whisky by using this reddit, particularly by asking questions of more experienced whisky drinkers.

The Whisky Barrel Blog

The Whisky Barrel is one of Scotland’s largest retailers of whisky.  They have created a blog which posts about new whisky releases, distillery visits, and general whisky news.  It is an excellent resource for identifying the whiskies which are worth trying.

Whisky Facebook Groups

There are quite a few Facebook groups devoted to whisky.  Some of the best include:

  • Single malt whisky group
    As the name suggests, this group mostly discusses single malt whiskies. It is a great place to ask questions about whisky and discover new whiskies you might enjoy.
  • The Whisky Investor
    Aged and rare whiskies often greatly increase in value over the years as they become scarcer. This Facebook group discusses which whiskies are valuable and worth collecting.
  • Whisky Blasphemy
    This popular Facebook group discusses whisky in a casual way. There is no whisky snobbery, just ordinary people talking about the whiskies they enjoy.

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