Dealing With Bedbugs When On Vacation

Bedbugs can be a nuisance especially while traveling. When you travel to new places, you don’t know if the hotels or hostels you will rent are clean all around. You probably have heard some people complain about bedbugs in hotels and this is something you might find yourself into. The best thing to do before you go on vacation is to understand how to deal with bedbugs. Here are some ideas you should consider that will help you protect yourself and ensure you don’t carry bed bugs home from your vacation.

Look for signs of bedbugs

Even before you sleep in a bed, you should inspect it to see if there are any signs of bedbugs. Remove the sheets and inspect the mattress for stains because bedbugs comprise mostly blood and when squashed the blood gets smeared on the surface. Also inspect for dander and eggs. Dander is the skin bed bugs shed and you can find it between crevices, and while looking for this also check of there are eggs. You can do this by running your hand across the mattress. If there are any crumb-like items, you should do further inspection.

Isolate your belongings

When you finally find bedbugs in your bed, you should look for ways to keep your belongings away. This is important as you don’t want to take them home. Use a plastic bag to store your clothes and items then seal it. Avoid placing your items on the bed. The next option you have is to clean the bed of the bedbugs as advised below.

Bedbug removal

Although you might not eliminate all the bedbugs from your hotel or hostel, you could still try a few chemical treatment methods to calm the situation. Learn from to understand some of the most ideal products to use while you are traveling to exterminate bed bugs. You can use a personal bed bug spray, and while using this solution you need to ensure you don’t pick a toxic one. Before moving out, spray your bag to kill any bedbugs that might have found their way in.

Heat treatment

Another effective idea for the extermination of bed bugs is to use heat treatment. This is recommended for your clothes, which you should take to a launderette where they can be subjected to a one-hour stint in a tumble dryer. This process kills all eggs and bedbugs to ensure you don’t carry the little insects with you.

Request relocation to another room

If the room you have just checked into is infested with bedbugs, you should not spend a night there unless there is absolutely no alternative. It’s even advisable to look for a different hotel if the management is not willing to help you find a better room. That’s why you should arrive early to inspect everything so in case there are things you don’t like you can look for an alternative accommodation option.


Before you go on a vacation, as part of your preparation you should also learn how to deal with bedbugs. This is important as you don’t know if you will check into a hotel with the insects. Look for bed bug removal options and immediately after check-in inspect the room for any signs of bedbugs. In case you discover presence of bedbugs, it’s advisable to relocate to another room, and while doing so ensure your luggage and clothes are protected.


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