11 Amazing Places To Visit All Year Round

Traveling throughout the year can be fun and exciting. Certain places are fun to visit in the winter or summer depending on the activities you choose to do. There are all amazing places in the world that are great to visit no matter the time of year you choose to go.

Here are 11 places that are fun to visit no matter the season:


The climate in Cuba makes this an ideal place to visit, no matter the time of year. The lush countryside stays green all year. The beaches and the ocean will remain temperate and ready to swim no matter the season, and the local cuisine will keep you returning each year.


The Alentejo coastline in Portugal remains a scenic space to visit no matter the season. Featuring beautiful coastlines and amazing crystal-clear water, this is one place that should be added to your bucket list. Surprisingly, this region is not well-known to tourists, so you may find yourselves alone on the beach.


Malta is an underrated vacation destination, that should be at the top of everyone’s list. With their impressive markets, beaches and food, it will leave a pleasant taste in your mouth for years to come. Malta is steeped in history and culture, making this an amazing vacation spot for the history buff in your life.


Utah is a beautiful state, with amazing National Parks full of canyons and rock formations, to their mild winters and summers, no matter the season, Utah is a great vacation destination. Spend some time in Salt Lake with the awe-inspiring views of the temples, or head off into a more rustic location and spend a day exploring the slot canyons that dot their land.


If you’re looking for an adventure of a lifetime, head off to Japan for a vacation you will never forget. Not only are the people incredibly polite, but even though the towns are very busy, they are impressively clean. You can find practically everything you would wish for from the Western World while in Japan, or, show-off your adventurous side and try something new. No matter what you do, visiting Japan will change your life.


If you dream of seeing the Northern Lights in your lifetime, there is no better place to take in this spectacular light show than in Iceland. You can wind down after your days spent hiking and exploring by relaxing in one of the many hot springs that Iceland is known for.


There is nothing more beautiful than summer in a Scandinavian country, but winter can be pretty fantastic as well. Bring a good coat, and take in all the natural beauty that either season can offer while making your vacation as relaxing, or action packed, as you wish.


The west coast of Scotland is the ideal travel destination for those who love to immerse themselves in rich history and landscapes. Find yourself at peace with nature in solitude, without another tourist in sight. Scotland is the ideal vacation destination for those looking to get away from the daily grind.


Amsterdam is becoming a popular tourist hotspot full of amazing hotels and restaurants. There are many cities and sights to see, so take the time to get around and immerse yourself in their culture and people. Tour the canals, pops into the museums and shops, or take a bike ride around the city to really experience life as a local.


If you love beaches, then you will love Cape Town. This destination is set to explode as a popular tourist destination, but you can get in now before that happens. Spend the day soaking in the African sun while relaxing on a beautiful beach at a beautiful resort. Enjoy the nightlife with popular restaurants, music and premier entertainment. Cape Town is perfect for vacations all year round.


If you love winter sports, then Switzerland is an ideal vacation destination. Spend the days skiing in the Alps amongst the beautiful mountains, and spend your evenings relaxing by a fire with a drink in your hand, snacking on some amazing Swiss chocolates. When not skiing, take the time to tour the little towns and scenic parks that dot the landscape.

Choosing a vacation destination does not mean you can only travel in the winter or summer. Many places have consistent climates that allow for travel year round. Alternately, there are destinations that allow you to partake in a variety of activities that vary depending on the season, and the ever-changing landscape allows for beautiful scenery year round.

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