How Do You Identify the Best African Safari Operator?

Booking an African safari is relatively easy with so many safari operators willing to do it for you online.  African Budget Safaris is one of the dominating agencies to help safari travel fanatics enjoy the best packages for a memorable vacation.

They have rich experience in African travel and guarantee you adventurous tours, camping safaris, and affordable safaris. While many websites promise you the best experience when visiting Africa, you must check and confirm their credibility. Even though you can sue if your safari does not turn out as promised, nothing can compensate wasted time, ruined emotions and the frustrations that come in such a situation. Before you pay for that safari travel, you need to consider the following points.

Talk to the real people

You should talk to the people running the organization. The “About Us” page is usually vague and does not say much about the people who own the company.  Avoid dealing with an operator who is not ready to reveal their identity.

Look For Quality

When doing your research, check different companies without considering your budget.  This helps you see what different safari operators have to offer. You can quickly identify the travel firms with a good reputation, and narrow down to the one that suits your budget.


Avoid new operators and go for those who have been in the business for a couple of years. African Budget Safari has proven over the years that they are here to stay. They have gained experience and understood too well the dos and don’ts in the African Safari travel.

Check reviews

Check the safari travel reviews and decide from there.   Find out what other people have to say about the operator in forums and different trip advisory portals.  Watch out and check if the comments and trip reports are verifiable. Some companies create self-authored reviews and travel reports to dupe unsuspecting travelers. Ask for the phone numbers of a few past clients to verify and be sure that you are dealing with the right people.

Membership in different fee-paying bodies

If you can find a safari operator in different tourism associations where they charge membership, it’s a good sign. However, it does not make them 100% perfect; these tourism association bodies have a disclaimer. Read it and understand so you can guard yourself and avoid becoming a victim of unscrupulous safari operators.

Make a call

By talking to the safari operator through the phone, you can listen and see if what they say matches the information on their website. Turn on your natural detective radar and see if you can pick anything suspicious between their words.


You can now hit the keyboard and talk to African Budget Safari.  With the above points, you know how to vet them and see if they are the best operators to assist you with the African safari.  If you put all these to work, you get no nasty experience and surprises once you get to Africa.

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