Some Valuable Advice While Preparing for Your First African Safari

An African safari is an experience unlike any other. The diversity of the African continent, the immersion in its terrain and the wildlife you’ve only ever seen on television or in the zoo before, all of these things make for an incredible destination vacation. In addition to breathtaking wildlife experiences, tourists on safari are also offered a host of other experiences and accommodations that vary depending on their location.There are many safari options in Africa; you can go for a safari in Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, Zambia, Botswana, Rwanda and Namibia.

Choosing a Location

Of all the options it is generally acknowledged that the safaris in Tanzania and Kenya are the best and they are the most sought after safari destinations. You can book tickets online to go to these places using Tripindigo.

Tanzania and Kenya are the major tourist attractions due to the annual wildebeest migration, which oftentimes also includes scores of gazelles and zebras as well. The sheer number of these animals also makes for a rather high population in predatory animals, which gives visitors a real chance to see the circle of life doing what it does in the massive spaces.

Packing for Your Trip

The clothes that you wear and the items that you bring with you will have everything to do with how much you enjoy your safari. When you plan ahead of time and pack in accordance to your needs, you’ll have the best time possible of your African safari.

Light and neutral colors are a must on these trips, as well as clothing that can be layered (as the night can become quite frigid). Water resistant boots are ideal footwear. Make sure to pack the best bug spray you can find, as well as a wide-brim hat and sunscreen to protect yourself from the bugs and sun of Africa. Consider bringing some wet wipes to refresh yourself at the end of a long day.

Additional Tips

In addition to packing the clothes and preparing the accommodations in your chosen country, there are other steps that you should take to make your trip as easy-going as possible.

  • Make sure that you have all necessary travel documentation, including a tourist visa if necessary.
  • Get all of your necessary vaccinations at least one month prior to your departure date for your safari.
  • Are you traveling with children? Consider specific safaris that have been created with the safety of children and adults in mind.
  • Bring a camera with a great battery life – not just your phone. Pack extra batteries. You’ll be taking a lot of pictures.
  • For the sake of being cautious, only drink bottled water or water offered to you by your guide.

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