The Best Practice for Concentration Meditation

The body and mind work in such a way that they need to rest from time to time. You need to train your mind and body to relax at all times. Meditation is the best approach to rejuvenating the spirit.

Meditation and sports

Medication is an art. Even though many people take it more on a spiritual level, it is still an art. It is one of the best approaches to training the mind. Richard J. Davidson Ph.D., director at the University of Wisconsin neuroscience lab, confirms the importance of meditation. He says, “The word ‘meditation’ to the Buddhist tradition is similar to ‘sports,’ in for example the US.” Richard told this to the New York Times.

People go for physical fitness when they want to train the body. Eventually, the body gets used to what you teach it to adapt. Similarly, you can train your mind in a specific way.

It is all about achieving proper rest for your body. And this is where you will find the usefulness of a place like the Art of Living Retreat Center.  Sometimes, all it takes is to visit the best natural setting in

the world like the Blue Ridge Mountains of Boone, North Carolina.

From here, you can have the best experience with concentration meditation. It might be hard for beginners, but a little practice and self-discipline should set you on the right path.

You need a place that is serene to achieve this type of meditation.

So what is concentration meditation?

Concentration meditation is just the approach to meditation where you concentrate on a single point. You choose a single point and focus all your energy and thoughts on that point. It is not easy especially when you have a lot of things around you. The following tips should help you learn the best techniques for this kind of meditation.

1.    Choose a perfect location

A great retreat center can offer the ideal environment you might need to achieve concentration. It is easier to prepare your body for meditation here because of the following reasons;

  • You get exposure to everything that relaxes your mind.
  • You have physical protection should you find yourself in a quiet cave somewhere.
  • You can get other people to help you through the process should you get stuck.
  • It feels more at home in a place that is explicitly created for relaxation.
  • You won’t easily get external interruptions.

A right place like the one mentioned above could offer you all these benefits.

2.    Choose your point

Concentration meditation could entail practices like following your breath, reciting a mantra, or counting beads on a surface. You could even concentrate on a candle flame. The aim is to break free from your thoughts. You have to choose a point that drives you there.

Whenever your mind is wandering, you simply refocus. Get back to your object of concentration.

3.    Start slow

It is not easy to achieve deep meditation, especially for a beginner. The best way to go about it is to start with only a few minutes. As time continues, you will grow to more extended periods of meditation. Your concentration will improve as you keep practicing the process.

Final thought

Concentration meditation is not about shutting down your thoughts. It is about letting them flow freely. You don’t need to pursue random thoughts, only pick one and let others go. You need self-discipline and a unique location to succeed in the process.

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