International Travel Essentials for First Timers

For a first-time traveler, the whole experience of going abroad can seem overwhelming. You are bound to make mistakes, which will serve as life lessons for the future. A conscientious traveler plans out their itinerary beforehand, by doing research and taking care of all the essentials that will facilitate you on your journey.

By taking care of these essentials, your travels will be considerably stress-free, and you will be able to focus more on the purpose of your journey instead of worrying about mundane things like lodging, travel documents, or getting your money exchanged. Here we list the most important factors that you must take care of before embarking on your first international travel.


If you don’t take proper care of your documents, you are bound to get yourself in trouble even before you take off the plane! Your passport is your most important travel document. Make sure you bring copies of it.

You might be required to show a copy of your passport at customs or when you collect your boarding pass. In case your passport gets lost or stolen, a copy can help you prove your identity. This can especially be helpful when you contact authorities for its recovery.

While you are bringing copies of your passport, it is equally important to leave one behind. In case you lose your passport and don’t even have its copies left, you can contact the person who has the copy, and they can help you out.

Do also check the validity of your visa, compare it with your travel dates, and make sure you also have your vaccination documents.

Lodging, Food, and Healthcare

Paying proper attention to food, lodging, and healthcare before your travels will save you a lot of time and help you avoid fatigue. Before traveling to your international destination, check out suitable lodging options, restaurants, and healthcare facilities.

For example, if your destination is Phoenix, Arizona, check out Phoenix real estate online and see if you can find accommodation better than hotels. A residence close to food outlets, malls, and good medical facilities will be ideal.

You should also preplan how you will handle currency. You must know about the exchange rates, prices of essential items, and whether your credit card will work there or not.


You should pack your luggage keeping your destination in mind. Browse through the internet to know more about the overall climate of the place. More importantly, check for how the weather would be when you land there and pack your clothes accordingly.

Additionally, every airline has different rules about luggage. Call your air carrier and get information about which items they allow for check-in, and which items they don’t. Airlines end up charging a lot of money for excess baggage at the time of check-in, so weigh your bags beforehand.

Traveling abroad for the first time is a life-changing experience, which you will remember for years to come. To keep your experience as stress-free as possible, prepare a checklist of these essentials and make sure you have all your travel documents before your journey.

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