7 of the Best 420-Friendly Vacation Destinations Around the Globe

It’s the holiday travel season, and let’s face it, not everyone has family to visit – or wants to particularly spend their holiday with relatives. Even if you do, perhaps your relatives are all cannabis savvy and you want a place where you can all cannabis and chill over the holidays.

Thankfully, there are a number of places both at home and abroad that welcome cannabis. Even if it might not be legal to bring your cannabis to the country or take it with you when you leave, you can bet that these countries and cities welcome cannabis culture. Also, before you pack your dry herb vaporizer or your favorite vape pen, you might want to check each country’s views on vaporizers. While some may be cannabis friendly, they might not be so kind towards vaporizers.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Oh, Canada! Thanks to your citizens, cannabis was legalized nationally beginning on July 1, 2018. Though specific requirements and availability vary from province to province, British Columbia is one of the country’s centers of cannabis cultivation. Coffee shops where people smoked openly were tolerated throughout the city, and the cannabis culture was already in place long before legalization on Canada Day.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Israel is already at the forefront of medical marijuana research. Since legalizing cannabis in 1992 for research purposes, they have been the global leader in cannabis research, but they also decriminalized recreational use as well. They have a relaxed culture open towards lighting up in public and with the architectural backdrop, you have a perfect combination.

Lisbon, Portugal

While cannabis might not actually be legal in Lisbon, the authorities pretty much turn a blind eye towards its use so long as you’re behaving yourself. Nationally, all drugs have been decriminalized since 2001, taking the view of therapy over criminal jail penalties. While you won’t find open markets or smoking lounges, finding cannabis isn’t exactly difficult.

Montevideo, Uruguay

Uruguay became the first country in the world to completely legalize cannabis in 2013. There is one huge catch – only legal citizens can grow cannabis or purchase it from a pharmacy. That’s okay – that just means that you’ll have to make a few friends who can get you the green – and it’s always good to have friends.

Freetown, Christiana, Copenhagen

This tiny, independently governed city in Denmark isn’t all that big – boasting only about 900 residents and is only about one-eighth of a square mile in size, but cannabis is legal here. There is an open-air market where you can haggle for the better prices. Cannabis is pretty well tolerated throughout the rest of Denmark, so long as you’re not being a nuisance.

Negril, Jamaica

Bright colors, friendly locals, and the reggae stylings of Bob Marley aren’t the only things that make Negril, Jamaica a vacation destination. There’s also the white sand beaches. Oh, and did we mention that possession of under two ounces will just net you a fine.

Denver, Colorado

The Rocky Mountains. A thriving cannatourism industry thanks to the state legalizing back in 2012. There’s no better place to spend your vacation than in Denver, Colorado. Everything from pot-friendly hotels to bed & breakfasts await you along with tours that will show you every aspect of the industry – from cultivation to delectable edibles – and even how those beautiful pipes are made. They recently passed the $1 billion tax mark from their legal market, so you can be sure it is here to stay.

Globally and nationally, the attitude towards cannabis is rapidly changing for the better. As more countries become friendlier towards cannabis, you can bet that this list will expand. Before traveling, however, it is always important to check that laws have not changed and exactly where lines are drawn. Because, really, getting into legal trouble on your vacation would be a bummer.

Happy travels!


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