Cooking Grains and Legumes

There is always that one section of the supermarket where there is a never-ending variety of item similar kind of items and that is the grains and legumes section. Gains are such a staple food item for almost every household and are so easy to cook. The only thing that matters while cooking these are the track of time and that it, you will have a nice hot bowl of rice or beans to be served as sides along with your main course. But just the way there is a never-ending list of their variety there is also a different cooking method and temperature for each one of them. Each variety of grains and lentils and legumes has a specific cooking time that has to be maintained otherwise the dish might get completely ruined. Amongst the endless variety of beans, some only need 15-20 minutes to be perfectly cooked while some take almost an hour. Well not just the time, the quality of water that needs to be added also is a vital factor while cooking grains. If you do not want your rice, beans or other legumes to turn into a mash or remain undercooked you will have to keep keen observation over the time while it’s boiling on the stove. All you need to know is the boiling time for each of these grains and track that time.

To help you understand the time needed to cook these delicacies, we have created a special infographic with a detailed chart on how to cook the grains and for how long you should boil them in how many specific cups of water. Measurements are extremely crucial to the cooking process as each minute more or less can make or break your entire dish. Hence the detailed chart will help you monitor your food on the stove better.

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