11 Hunting Trip Essentials Not To Forget In Your Packing List

Hunting is one of the most popular activities for survivalists or prepares in US. Not only it’s a great way to learn or practice survival but also it’s a great way to enjoy some fun time with your friends at weekends.

While many go on hunting with their friends only a few times in a month or two (for 2-3 days), there are also many who love to go on a hunt trip each year which may last for about 1-2 months.

When you want to go for hunting excursions, there is a small list of essential hunting gear which you need to carry. You shouldn’t just set out for hunting without right preparation. You should assume the best and prepare for the worst.

From accessories to carrying something as significant as gun, there is a list of 11 essentials mentioned below to carry when backpacking for hunting:

  1. Boots: Right size and top quality boots are a must. Your beat up feet will immediately end your hunting plans. Right pair of boots may be costly but you will get the security what you need. Climbing rock piles and pointed sharp terrain will definitely impact your cheap boot pair. Thus, get boots which are meant for this purpose.
  2. Rain gear: According to the place you are planning your hunt at, your rain gear requirements differ. Whether you need rubberized or PVC rain gear or you look for breathable rain gear which is light in weight ad serve your dry purpose too. You need to decide that as per your weather conditions.
  3. Pack: One of the must gear for backpack hunt is the pack itself. Just like boots, if your pack fails, your hunt will end. You need a pack to hold 10 to 14 days of your gear and foot in. Make sure your pack is comfortable to wear. With its harness system, it gives support under plenty of load.
  4. Glassing optics: In high-country hunting, the hunters who don’t have solid glassing optics shouldn’t go out for hunting. Because sometimes while hunting a ram may be worthy to chase up to 4-5 miles. Good glass is costly but when you team it with top notch binos, then you will get accurate range finder for both uphill and downhill shooting range.
  5. Trekking poles: Crunchers are your biggest support. Getting a good set of trekking poles will make your hunting experience great. A lot of hunters go without them. But if you are going to a place where you have side hilling or loose rocks or steep lands, then it is important to carry trekking poles for your safety.
  6. Hunting Knife: It is one of the most important equipment for your hunting tour. It should razor sharp and should have replaceable blades. It should be easy to carry and affordable and have the ability to tear sheep bear or even apart.
  7. Gun/Rifle: If you want to hunt like a pro, carrying your gun or rifle (like H&R Handi Rifle, Marlin 336C or Remington) along with a gun cleaner machine (like Hornday gun cleaner) is an essential most for you. A gun cleaner device (for cleaning your gun and parts) is a must have in your packing list if you are planning for a trip for more than a week.
  8. Whistle: Maybe you take the wrong turn and you get lost or you fall under the tree stand. Under worst case scenario, you might need help to call out for when your mobile phone does not have signal. You can just blow your whistle and call for help. Make sure you keep your whistle close.
  9. First aid kit: Prevention is better than cure. Carry a well-stocked first aid kit to treat your bruises and scratches or any serious injury during hunting.
  10. Ration and water to drink: You should pack sufficient ration to keep you on top of your energy all through the hunt tour. Pack sufficient liquid and ration as per the number of days you are willing to go for and make sure you include two-three days more, in case of emergency.
  11. Warm and comfy clothing and sleeping gear: Before leaving for hunting, choose your clothes cautiously. Keep warm, light and comfortable clothes for your trip. Make sure you keep socks, shirt pants, jackets one extra in number for emergency situation. You also need to carry a sleeping gear to make arrangements of sleep at night.

These are the top 11 hunting backpack essentials you should definitely carry with you. Pack them right and do not forget them, especially if you are planning for a long hunting trip that lasts for more than 2-3 days.

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