The Perfect Campervan Trip to Cornwall

Cornwall is a peninsula filled with wild moorland, sandy beaches and rugged coastlines. The south coast is widely known as the Cornish Riviera, home to picturesque harbour villages and countless camping possibilities, The north coast is recognized as a great surfing destination, lined with towering cliffs and seaside resorts. Cornwall is the ideal campervan destination, filled with winding roads, rural campsites and things to do! Read on to find out the ingredients for the perfect campervan trip to Cornwall.

Why go with a campervan?

Well there are two ways to look at this question. Firstly, why travel anywhere by campervan? Simply put, motorhome travel provides you the ultimate freedom. You’re not restricted to public transport, and can choose your own destination and route at anytime. You can always change your mind and direction, and follow the open road. Who doesn’t love a good road trip with friends or family? You’re also not restricted to accomodation, no hotel bookings to determine your trip or length of stay in each location. Combining travel and accommodation also helps your trip to stay budget-friendly, as does being able to cook your own meals instead of constantly eating out. Cooking is easier with motorhome travel than camping, as you’re not restricted to a small camping stove and may even have a fridge! Sleeping will be more comfortable in a campervan, giving you the energy to enjoy your days of exploring. You won’t be restricted to packing light, allowing you to bring board games, extra blankets and more.

And now to consider, why travel to Cornwall in particular by campervan? Cornwall is a stunning region, with a gorgeous coastline, towering cliffs and sandy beaches. And there is no better way to take in all of this beauty than camping in it. Doing so with a motorhome would allow you to move around easily, and take in as much of the peninsula as possible. Furthermore, given Cornwall’s more remote location, a campervan is the perfect way to get there and enjoy the long journey.

The Drive to Cornwall

And now our tips for that long journey! With campervan travel, it is important to remember that it isn’t just about reaching your destination, but enjoying the journey there.

  1. Get a good road trip playlist ready! It can be fun to listen to the radio and learn some new music, but it is always wise to have a backup playlist in case you can’t find a station you like or have trouble with the radio. If you get an aux cord, you’ll be able to listen to it on the speakers and groove along. Alternatively, consider downloading some podcasts or an audio book, which will ensure the time flies by.
  2. Check out some road trip apps to help your journey. There are dozens out there, from ones focusing on petrol stations and prices to ones advising on traffic. Technology can make your trip even simpler.
  3. Stock up on travel snacks! Food prices at petrol stations and roadside restaurants can be ludicrous, so we advise planning ahead. This can also help you eat a bit more wisely, instead of binging on sweets and crisps.
  4. Keep yourself in check. It can be tempting to just keep driving, but always make sure you’ve got enough energy and focus to drive safely. It is better to take regular breaks than to risk an accident. Most recommend taking a 15 minute break every 2 hours. This is also great for stretching your legs (also vital!) and for loo breaks.
  5. If you ever feel you need to be more alert but can’t or don’t want to take a break, try chewing gum. It doesn’t even need to be sugary, as simply chewing increases circulation and alertness. Alternatively, keep a nice scent in your car to sniff when you start to drop in energy – peppermint works best!
  6. Keeping kids entertained can be difficult, and nothing is more dreadful than rowdy children in the car. If you’re travelling with young ones, be sure to look up some recommended car ride games beforehand.
  7. Stay hydrated! Drink plenty of water. This may cause more restroom stops, but will keep everyone alert and healthy. It can be easy to forget to drink water when driving, or to turn to other drinks instead, but simple water is always best.

The Best Campsites in Cornwall

Camping holidays in Cornwall require a good campsite to pitch at, and so we’ve managed to narrow down out 3 favourite. Firstly, there is Henry’s Campsite, a family-run campsite set at the top of the Caerthillian Valley. It is a ten minute walk from the coastal paths and a couple of minutes walk from the village centre. Their on-site shop will keep you fully stocked, particularly with the region’s Old Rosie Cider! Trevedra Farm Caravan and Camping Site is a more spacious site, which has been run by the Nicholas family for over 85 years. It is close to Gwynver beach, which is famous for its surfing and clear waters and is patrolled by a lifeguard.

And finally, you could rest your weary head at Gwithian Farm Campsite and Caravan Park. Set just a few minutes walk from Gwithian beach, you’ll be kept entertained by this 3 mile long beach renowned for safe bathing, good surfing, a coastal path and a mile long dog friendly section! It is located in the centre of the village, and close proximity to a pub to ensure a good pint is never far.

Things to Do in Cornwall

Camping holidays in Cornwall can be filled with things to do! There are enough attractions to warrant several trips to Cornwall, but we’ve managed to narrow it down to our top four.

  • Pirates Quest. In Newquay you’ll find this immersive walk-through experience that will transport you to the 1700’s to learn about the real Pirates of the Caribbean. It combines talented theatrical actors, spectacular special effects and detailed 360° sets. This is an attraction for the entire family, and will be so thrilling that you won’t even realise you’re learning!
  • Paradise Park. If you’re travelling with young ones, then a trip to Paradise Park is ideal. This fun activity centre has dozens of attractions, from feeding penguins to bird shows to exotic summer gardens. The kids can blow off steam in the ‘JungleBarn’ Indoor Play Centre, and even the parents will adore a cup of coffee in the Otter Cafe.
  • Cornwall’s Regimental Museum. Recognized as the finest Military Museum in the South West of England, Cornwall’s Regimental Museum displays over 300 years of history. It tells the story of the Duke of Cornwall’s Light infantry, volunteer militia and The Light Infantry. Tickets are £6 and under.
  • Surfing. This is a region renowned for great waves and gorgeous beaches, so explore them first hand! Find a surf school and catch some gnarly waves.

Mix all of these together and you’ll have the perfect campervan trip to Cornwall, an escape from daily life and stresses. But you’ll still need a form of motorhome hire to do so, which you can organise through Goboony, the motorhome sharing platform. You’ll be able to search for motorhome hire options in Cornwall, or closer to home, and hire directly from a private owner. Get the engine running, your road trip to Cornwall is beginning!

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