How to Repel Mosquitoes When Traveling

If dogs are man’s best friend, then mosquitoes most definitely are his worst enemy. There’s nothing in life more annoying than being hunted by a mosquito that seems adamant on draining you in a way that would put Dracula himself to shame. Problem with mosquitoes is they’re resilient and very persistent. Even worse, they don’t seem to have enough, and always come back for more. Being haunted by one while on vacation –– and they usually do –– is enough to turn any holiday sour. Mosquito prevention is always better than cure, because the best way to fight off a mosquito is by kicking it out before it even does its thing. Since no one wants to spend a vacation, in an exotic place, scratching and applying ointment and lotion, can repel mosquitoes when travelling.

Mosquito repellent clothing

Imagine trekking through the forest of some damp Asian or South American country. Sounds like fun, sure, but that is until you decide to take a nap and wake up with a lot of mosquito bites, if you get any sleep that is. Mosquito repellent clothing is a must have if you go to a place you know is humid and mosquito-infested. It helps protect your body while sleeping and also repel mosquitos and insects throughout the day, which is definitely something you’ll want. Generally speaking, whenever you’re travelling, the less skin you show the better. More skin means more target area for those tiny blood suckers to attack.

Mosquito repellent spray and lotion

A bit of an obvious one, but a crucial element of your packing nonetheless. You should always be ready with mosquito repellents when travelling; it can save your life. Mosquito repellent come in different shapes and sizes and formulas.  There’s the spray form, which is one of the most popular ones. You basically buy a spray can full of chemicals –– there are some free of chemicals –– and then bathe in, consistently. It has some good results and is proven to help repel the little nasty things. There’s also lotion, which has similar results to the spray, but is more advisable when you have dry skin. Both sprays and lotions offer very good protection for the outdoors and are excellent options if you plan on spending the night out in nature.

Mosquito repellent bracelet

A mosquito repellent can also come in the form of a bracelet, which are very good, especially for children since most are made out of natural, organic products anyway. You put one on for a couple of days until its effects wear off, and then replace it.

You can even make mosquito repellents at home from totally organic material, if you’re not into the whole chemicals and shelf products thing. From neem and eucalyptus oils to garlic and pepper sprays, you can repel those pests from the comforts of your home with stuff you probably already have.


Let’s face it; mosquito bites can literally keep you up all night and make your life a living hell. This is why getting a mosquito net is crucial if you plan on camping or spending longer durations in a certain not-so-fancy place. It’d make your life a whole lot easier and you sleep much sounder when you find yourself sleeping in a hut or small hotel.

Electric diffusers

Electric diffusers are a bit disputed when it comes to repelling mosquitoes. Some believe they work; others think they’re pointless. It’ll all come down to your personal experience, but either way it’s definitely worth a try.

Avoid mosquitoes

A bit of a clear one, isn’t it? You might find it a bit extreme to try to avoid any place that’s riddled with mosquitos, but it really isn’t. Yes, pests like these are worth planning and adjusting your trip accordingly, and even cancelling out plans to stay safe. The problem is many people don’t know that the damage of mosquitos can go well beyond an annoying itch or a night’s lost sleep. Mosquitoes can be carriers of serious diseases like malaria, dengue and yellow fevers, and West Nile virus, among others. Running into one of these while on vacation would definitely put a cramp on your plans for a nice, quiet vacation. So, yes, unless you’re well prepared, don’t go into a jungle safari with shorts and shirts and a bottle of water; you’ll definitely end up regretting that decision.

At the end of the day the goal is to enjoy yourself and have some fun, and you can be sure there are a couple of mosquitos out there that will try to come between you and that goal. So, come prepared for the nasty buggers!

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