5 Methods to Help You Lower Your Electricity Bills

Everytime you get your home billing you should take note of the changing costs that always come with your electricity bill. Your energy usage is constantly changing due to several factors that contribute to the pricing.

The modern home is filled with plugged in electronics that are drawing in the energy and raising your billing. However, there are plenty of ways to reduce your home power usage and lower your costs over time. Many of these methods are simple changes that only require a bit of effort on your part.

  1. Check Your Electronics

Little known fact, your electronics use up energy as long as their plugged in. Even if they are not in use, a plugged in charger or piece of technology still uses energy. It is even worse when a bunch of electronics are grouped together, which increases the power draw. Be sure to unplug any electronics you are not using if you can and only plug them in when they are needed.

  1. Avoid Overusing Your AC Systems

The method people often go to in order to handle any dips or increases in temperature inside of your home is often using their AC system. The energy needed to use this system is of course an issue so an alternative solution is suggested. When it is too hot, then consider opening a window or installing a ceiling fan to use more natural processes to cool off. When it is too cold, bundle up and make sure your home has no leaks that the heat inside can escape out of.

  1. Check on Your Air Systems Periodically

Another subtle problem comes up when the air systems in your home become blocked. This is often the result of issues with your home air filters. When you install air filters into a system, they proceed to clean the air coming in of any harmful irritants that would otherwise end up inside. The particles build up and eventually cause the airflow issues when it is trying to come inside, which often results with dry air inside. Your system will try and push the airflow through anyway, often increasing its energy usage and raising your billing. To fix the problem, just replace the air filters regularly.

  1. Keep Your Home Regularly Maintained

Your efforts to lower your energy usage can go a lot easier when your home is free of any cracks or openings that heat can escape through. The problem is that the work your AC system puts into heating up your home is lessened when that heat seeps out. Check to make sure your windows doors are properly sealed at the edges.

  1. Do Your Laundry a Little Differently

Handling your laundry a little differently may be the easiest method of lowering your energy billing. One method is to simply use the machines to their fullest, filling them up with more clothes means fewer loads are required and less energy used.  You should also use cold water instead of hot so that the system doesn’t need to use the energy to raise the temperature. If you really want to save, consider line drying to cut out machine usage entirely.

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