Student Fashion: A Guide To Dressing Well At College

Your image is the most important aspect when you are going to college, from your Facebook profile to a real-life fashion challenge.

Brands are a powerful tool when you want to shine along with your new friends, regardless if you are like economy school, law school, med school, engineering, or management branch. But, even so, they can be easily differentiate depending on the domain they are in. For example, if you are preparing to become a doctor or a teacher you will adopt a clean, but modern style; while on the other side, we have the creative departments (artists, creative writers) who will always adopt an eccentric style most of the time, experimenting and combining colors and cloths.

Usually, when we are talking about college fashion, clothes turn into stage suits, which students combine for the role they want to play every day in their life. And they reveal many secrets about how they see themselves and if they feel ok, or they are vulnerable. For sure, it is a reason why it is said “Dress like the person you want to be”.

How important are the clothes in student life?

Dressing sense is important when you want to be in the center of attention or when you want to be spotted as someone who knows how to dress. Sometimes this is feeling good, and it can be really comfortable. Imagine that you have a blouse of knit, silk, fine rope or cashmere – try to use on it the familiar perfume from home and for sure, not only that you will look amazing, but you will feel like home. Cloths can be that only thing that can help us when our loved ones are a hundred miles away, and we really miss them – foreign students know best.

Also, let’s say that you are a guy, aged between 18 and 27, who wants to be independent and moved out with his best friend, works every day up to 14-16 hours to pay the bills and don’t have time to take care of yourself. Your image will be perceived as an absent one, as you don’t have time to hang out with friends or even to call your family, and don’t forget about the money – cloths are not your first thing on the priority list.

But don’t forget that we use our clothes to help us overcome the fears of our own looks and skills. And, at the same time, we use them to “adapt” and to make ourselves safer in certain social circumstances. When you adopt the dress style of the social group you adore, you feel better, easier to accept, maybe even more fashionable, chicer or more at your leisure.

The answer is fast fashion. More exactly this concept refers to:

–    many products to the same model

–    Cheap products

–    It lasts only one season as for their fabrication is used cheap fabric

–    You can change your style faster, adapting to the actual trends

Enough talking, let’s see what you need to do!

  1. Try to choose that one piece which will last!

Even if you pay less than you expected, don’t buy something which is not ready to resist at least one season. When you want to bring into your wardrobe something new, try to be sure if they will pass the time exam. Many bought items which after one or two wears started to dismember.

  1. Vintage store or your best friend wardrobe

You can start exploring and find out how important is the style in everyday life or pay someone to write your paper about it in case you do not have time for surfing the net. Even if you think that this is not an option, just think about it: many vintage stores want to have quality products but really cheap to make a profit. Some found there Gucci and Valentino products at $20 – you just need to look.

But if this is really something which you don’t want to do, then consider talking with your best friend. Don’t think you have to take each piece and decide whether you will still like that t-shirt or do not after a few months. Think about how all the clothes you do not wear will be replaced by the pieces that lie in the closet of your friend and vice versa. Like you, she was bored with them, and maybe they will live longer in your wardrobe. Of course, I’m referring to clothes that are still in good condition and very good, there is no point in exchanging used clothes.

  1. Take care of your clothes

Try to wash them properly and to use detergents which don’t damage the fabric. For example, as white clothes do not remain forever white, black clothes can discolor. This can happen because manufacturers put too much black paint to make the clothes look more appealing in the store.


If the water they wash has a little chlorine in it, you can say goodbye to your black cloths. To prevent this, use detergents specially created for black things that will prolong color life.


  1. Don’t forget about discounts!


This should be a basic rule for any passionate person who really wants to go shopping and buy the latest model. We know, however, that in about two months after a product is presented for the first time, it can be found on sale. So, try to tempt your impulse to buy the article, even if you like it more than anything in the world. That’s the way many have tried to make a calendar and go shopping only when discounts are available.

College life is one of the most important experiences in our life, and having these rules as a guide, for sure will have an amazing style, and you will have the most beautiful items in your wardrobe.

Author’s Bio Crystal Roman

Crystal is a clothes designer, rewarded for her style. She is promoting accessible clothes, but at the same time fashionable; she wants to show the others how easy is to have amazing style and keep your wardrobe actual.

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