What Travelers Must Know About Hiring DUI Lawyers

Driving under influence is taken very seriously in the legal system. The number of accidents that happen every year due to driving under influence is immense. Every single state considers it to be a criminal offense, after all, almost the third of all crashes including fatalities happen due to intoxication. You need to keep in mind that driving under the influence doesn’t only mean the influence of alcohol, it even includes legal marijuana and other illegal drugs.

What makes someone charged drunk driving or driving under influence is considered a standard across all states. Getting a DUI offense can really make it very hard to enter certain countries, this ban can go as far as barring you for 10 years since your last DUI charge.

In this article, we’ll be providing you with some tips that can help you when you decide to hire DUI lawyers in a pinch.

Get a Professional’s Opinion

As with many cases, you’re allowed to represent yourself in DUI cases in court, yet that is usually never advised, defendants usually hire a lawyer to handle the legal procedure, if they cannot they are offered the help of a public defender appointed by the court they are being tried at. Atlanta DUI lawyer website offers a free evaluation for DUI cases, once you submit the form available on their website, they will reach out to you and discuss some details and shed some light on some important aspects. Getting a professional’s opinion is always the best way to see your way through the legal process.

The Cost of Hiring a Lawyer

Usually, when a private lawyer is hired, they are hired not only for their help in DMV—Department of Motor Vehicles—proceedings, but also for their representation in criminal court. DUI cases can end with the suspension of the driving license for a specific period of time; good private lawyers can manage to reduce that suspension duration.

The cost of hiring a private lawyer can be expensive, in a few cases it may not differ much from going with a public defender, but most of the times it’s worth it. Attorneys who specialize in DUI cases have a lot of knowledge about DUI law which can get you a dismissal of charges in the best of scenarios.

Countries that Hate DUI Charges

Some countries take DUI charges so seriously that they can ban travelers from entering them if they have it in their record. These are a couple of the most famous:

  • Mexico: Travelers with DUI charges are rejected harshly from entering Mexico. For example, if you had had a DUI conviction on your record in the past 10 years, they won’t let you in because they consider it similar to a felony which is a reason they can strictly deny entering.
  • Canada: Canada considers DUI a felony as they won’t allow those charged with a DUI charge in the last 5 years to get in until a fine is paid after the 5-year period.

If you’re a traveler, you should always be careful of staining your record with a DUI, DUI’s can reduce your chances of traveling to many countries greatly. Once you find yourself crashing into a court case you should research the laws of the state you’ll be tried in, specialized lawyers in your area, and collect as much information about your case to present to those who will defend you. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, but in case you’re sorry, be sure that you are in good hands.

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