4 Ways Dracula is More Interesting than Michael Jordan

There are several questions that can keep a person up at night. What is the purpose of existence? Is there a God? Do ghosts exist? The problem is that while these questions are interesting, they are not that easy to answer overnight. There is one question that can be answered, though.

Dracula Vs Michael Jordan, who is more interesting?

Dracula has powers

The most basic reason as to why Dracula is more interesting than Michael Jordan is that Dracula has quite the array of abilities.

While MJ can dunk from half court, and as amazing as he is in basketball, he can’t really shape-shift. Dracula, however, has superhuman strength, in addition, he is immune to normal weaponry. He can also manipulate gravity, as well as, travel through “limited” space almost instantly.

All of the previous abilities can lead to the conclusion that if The Count and Michael Jordan ever play a game of B-ball, it is most likely that the vampire would win.

MJ doesn’t live in an ancient castle

The place where each of the two live plays a big role in determining how interesting they are. Like most celebrities, MJ lives in a huge house with a million pools, courts, and the most modern of technology.

On the contrary, the Vampire King is rumored to live in a beautiful, extremely old, and mysterious castle in Transylvania. In fact, if you want, you can easily plan a visit to Dracula’s castle online through travel agency.

Only one of them is immortal

As the title suggests, one of the two is immortal, and it is not Mr. Jordan. When it comes to living for centuries, Dracula is the best; even if he’s not fully real. Looking back at the origins of Dracula, he was created by Bram Stoker in 1897. Now, ever since then, he has been alive in people’s imagination, mentality, conversations, jokes, and most importantly, hearts.

This can be noticed in the amount of appearances he has made in all sorts of media. It is enough that the character has been making appearances on screen since, 1921. Michael Jordan, however, has only starred in “Space Jam” in 1996, alongside the Looney Tunes squad.

How about their academic lives?

Like it or not, academics do matter. For example, what’s more interesting, a diploma in chocolate-tasting, or physics?

The NBA superstar went to North Carolina. He studied geography, and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree. On the other hand, we have Dracula who, not only was an alchemist, he also did extensive studies in the field of magic, and the black arts. It is also worth mentioning that, being immortal, Dracula has had the time to gather an immense amount of knowledge.

Final Thoughts

Taking all of what has been said into consideration, the answer is quite obvious isn’t it? Dracula is, by far, more interesting than the talented basketballer. Some may argue that Dracula isn’t even real which leads us to our final statement. There is no actual proof that Dracula isn’t real. Plus, when has reality been a concrete standard? After all, according to several philosophers, reality is relative.

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