3 Tips on How To Become a Successful Travel Vlogger

Becoming a successful travel video blogger is both easier and harder than ever. It is easier than it used to be because we have such great video tools available nowadays for much cheaper than it used to be. However it is also harder because the market is somewhat saturated and many more people nowadays are vlogging all of their adventures in the hopes of becoming famous, whether it is through YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram. In this article we will give away 5 awesome tips to help you on your quest to become an amazing travel vlogger, and to grow your channels and fanbase exponentially this is the art of business digital marketing.

Original Content

The problem with a saturated vlogger market is that everyone is competing and many people are using similar content. One way to get ahead of the pack is to take adventures which are different than what people are used to. For example, if you are in a popular city such as London, England or even a remote spot such as Antananarivo, Madagascar, there are original videos you can film.

For example, instead of simply going on the traditional tours offered to tourists, perhaps you can find a more original adventure. Go to a local café or bar and ask the service to give local tips on interesting places that most tourists don’t know about. This will guarantee that you can capture original footage for your video channel, and will go a very long way toward differentiating you from the saturated pack of many other vloggers out there.

Top Video Editing

After you capture your original video content, the next step is to splice it well with top notch editing. Though original content is crucial, it is at risk of being wasted if it is not edited well. Ever notice how the top travel vloggers have really cool thumbnails, music, images, editing, etc on their videos? That is because they are using professional quality video maker apps such as Swish app, or editing their music with various online tools, or even taking online classes from Lynda.com in order to get really good at editing their videos! A high quality and professional video maker and editor is crucial toward one being able to publish attractive and high quality videos for their vlogging channel.

The best vloggers are certainly using paid video tools which are still affordable and definitely worth the cost in order to grow their audiences.


Nobody said that becoming a vlogger would be super easy. If anything, it requires hard work and consistency. One area where this is applicable is social media engagement. It is not enough to simply publish your video and cross your fingers and wait for your views and subscriber list to grow. Rather, you need to reach out to other influences, vloggers, and fans. For example, if a fan comments on your YouTube or Facebook upload, then make sure to click like and comment something to show that you care. Even further than this, try to form relationships with other successful vloggers, and hopefully they will star sharing and engaging with your content as you grow your vlog channel.

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