Best Practices for holiday Videos for Your Website

Now is the era of video. Today’s internet is ruled by videos. More than 70% of internet traffic is dependent on online videos currently. It is said that almost 80% of internet traffic will be accounted for videos within 2020. In fact, it’s assumed that 85% of today’s Americans with internet watch videos online. Even the marketers who use videos for their business grow faster than the marketers who don’t. That’s why it’s great to have a website which contains a bunch of good videos that really entertain the viewers. Holiday videos or Travel videos can be one of the best categories for a website which is related to videos. If you’re looking for some Best Practices for Holiday Videos for Your Website, then I think you’ve come to the right place.

It’s fun to share memories with others when you’re having a really good time. It’s the best possible way to re-live your memories. Of course, you don’t want a bad quality video to share with your folks which you gonna cherish from now on. You’ll obviously want the best possible quality. Here are some ways are given below to make your video the Best Holiday Video for Your Website.

  1. Plan Your Video

You must have to have a plan and a good knowledge about what kind of video you’ll be making. Also, having a good idea about your destination helps you to pre-plan your holiday trip. It saves your time and helps you to build an engaging narrative.

For instance, if you’re going to Paris, you plan to capture your footages at Eiffel Tower and take shots of local markets of Paris. Or if you’re going to India, you plan to shoot your video at Taj Mahal or you capture with the street foods of India. This way it gets a lot easier to make a cool video for your website.

  1. Tell A Story

If you want to draw the attention of your viewer, find a story to your video. Suppose you’re going on a holiday trip with your family being together after a long time. Here instead of taking random shots of your family posing on a bus, you should rather take everyone’s interview about how they are finally getting back together. This way you can tell a story to your viewer.

  1. Take Care of the Light

Lights can be very tricky at times while shooting your holiday video. Most of the people who work at filmmaking, find it the hardest part of the journey. You have to get it just right. Not too dark or not too harsh, just the perfect amount of it. Explore the place, understand the sun, take your position and start shooting.

  1. Focus on People

It’s better to shoot people in the first place. Because people are the main purpose of your video. They make your holiday video special. Suppose you went to the Empire State Building for a trip and you shot the building over and over again. It would make no sense. Rather if you take the shots of your kids going up to the Empire State Building, that would make it very special. So I recommend keeping the scenery in the background where it belongs and focus on your people. It helps you to show the scale of the particular place that you’re visiting.

  1. Take Short Clips

Don’t take your shots for too long. For the time being, we don’t pay attention to the lengthy documentaries. The amount of our attention has become smaller. You’ve to keep your videos short and sweet. To keep it short, stop shooting when the action is done. Be done with your shot already when the action is covered. In fact, short clips are pretty much accessible and easier for your holiday video editing.

  1. Consistent Transitions

The most famous and experienced videographers out there have a signature transition style such as spin transition or high five transitions.

In spin transition, you spin your camera by moving it quickly to the side at the beginning and at the end of your video both. It creates a blur effect. This way you blend your clips together.

In high-five transition, you actually high five the camera by blocking the lens by your hands at the beginning and at the end of your video. It’s fun and amusing to transit one place to another.

  1. Perfect Matching Music

Music is one of the biggest factors in holiday videos for your website. Search for a song which suits with your video very well. Remember to use royalty free music or get the artist’s permission first. If your video is slow and smooth, go for slow and mild music, some simple strings of the guitar could be beautiful.

  1. Add Your Voice Note

Narrating the story through your voice can be very helpful to the viewers. It enhances your story and helps viewers to enjoy more.

  1. Keep Smiling

Don’t forget to keep smiling throughout your footage. Play with it. Throw some jokes at your viewers. It creates positiveness in their minds.

Here are some best Holiday Video Editing tools for you

  • Shakr: This software makes easier to build up your video.
  • Rocketium: This is an online tool which makes video editing quick, simple and very accessible.
  • Reevio: Reevio is a web-based video editor with so many professional templates for creating a perfect video.

Create a Fanbase

You can create an advocacy marketing program which activates some super fans who will eagerly join your program and publish your contents to their respective pages and blogs and channels and by doing that they will get rewarded as top fans by your organization.

Make It Mobile Friendly

More than 90% of mobile users share videos on the internet. People watch a large number of videos on their phones. So making your Holiday Videos on your website mobile friendly would profit you in a great quantity.

I hope you find these practices effective to help you out to shot some cool holiday videos for your website.

Author’s Bio:

John O. Brooks is a famous freelance writer and photography blogger, it is his hobby to write about photography and videography. He has a lot of experience in writing on various types of videography articles. He is always open to ideas and opportunities because life is too short to experience everything.


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