Traveling with a Wristwatch

A wristwatch is one of the necessary items that one must pack while traveling. Generally, the type of watch you should carry depends on the length and place of your trip.  Are you traveling for a business purpose or a weekend getaway? Will your trip last for three days or more? All of these factors will help you make your choice. A short trip will allow you to settle into a routine probably on your last day. With things such as accommodation stress and unfamiliar people, you would not want additional fatigue of carrying multiple watches.

Choosing the right timepiece to travel with

One watch to answer all your worries is a Gold Rolex. It is a timeless tool. It tells you time, does not require batteries to run, and is incredibly reliable for when you are traveling. The brand says for itself; and wherever you will go, everyone will know its true value. Thus in case of an emergency, you can conveniently trade it for instant currency.

However, if you are traveling for recreational purposes and the trip length is longer than three days, keeping two watches is advised. Think about the activities you have planned and where you are going. If you are going to the beach, a vintage chronograph with a suede strap should not be your first choice. But it will make for a good second option for when you are going out on a dinner.

On prolonged business trips, keeping a waterproof beater is the safest bet. You are likely going to stay in a hotel and would be using facilities such as the gym and pool. Thus, make sure you are traveling with a watch that can resist the water and your sweat.

At the airport

The debate about taking off your watch at the airport is as endless as the boarding line itself. There is as such no official stance about watches except that “all bulky jewelry must be taken off.” It is difficult to draw out anything clear from this limitation. Does it mean that travelers wearing six-digit reference Rolex must take it off but those having five-digit reference can keep them on?

In reality, it depends on TSA’s discretion whether to take the watch off or on at the security checkpoint. Manual inspection can be requested; however, there is no guarantee that you may not be subject to a cavity search. We suggest you keep an eye on other people going through scanning while having your watch on. Notice in case TSA agents are directing travelers to take their watches off and always avoid leaving it in a tray or a bin.

Make sure you possess a watch case. It is important for processes like this. It offers great functionality, comes cheap, and hardly takes any space in your luggage.

At your destination

Once you land at your destination, be it a hotel room or your grandma’s condo, pick a ‘secure watch spot’ to minimize the chances of loss. You could even get a portable safe for times when you suddenly wish to get into the pool. You can easily latch the portable lockbox to your backpack and take it along with you.

Care and maintenance

Your trip may take you to places where grime, saltwater, sweat, and sunray are common elements. To take care of your sports timepiece, you can keep a soft-bristled toothbrush that works well. If your watch will act as a necessary tool on your trip, run the maintenance check well in advance. Spend some bucks if you will take it under the water and pressure test it. Rinse your watch in tap water since saltwater and debris tend to slide in the rotation bezel. A quick pour in soapy water followed by drying will take care of this.

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