10 Best Things To Do In Dubai For First-Time Visitors

Dubai needs no introduction as the city with the most exciting spectrum of attractions in the entirety of the United Arab Emirates. Undeniably a marvelous place to be, Dubai prides on its footing as one of the most-visited cities by tourists across the globe.

This article is aimed at familiarizing first-time Dubai visitors with the 10 best things to do on their first visit to the city. Admittedly, there are many other fascinating things to do in Dubai but the ones discussed herein are seemingly the best for any first-time visitors. You can start your exploration of Dubai with a Dubai city tour following by as many of the following things as you can:

Enjoy the Delight of Overnight Desert Safari

Overnight desert safari is unarguably one of the most exciting and unique things you should enjoy as a first-time Dubai visitor. It’s an experience of a lifetime to enjoy a soothing night desert under a galaxy of stars that glimmer with romance. More to that, you’re certain to feed your eyes with amazing sets of events that include henna tattooing, Tanura dancing and belly dancing in Bedouin tents. Desert safari in Dubai is one of the very first things that you can experience on your first visit to this renowned modern city. This is in fact one of the major things to do in Dubai in one weekend.

Explore Palm Jumeirah Islands

Whichever route or means of transport by which you’re exploring Palm Jumeirah Islands, ensure you aren’t missing the sight of mind-blowing works of art such as the Burj al Arab and the Atlantis Hotel. Frankly, these artful features add to the remarkable beauty surrounding Palm Jumeirah Islands.

Catch Sight of the Beautiful Dubai Garden Glow

If you’re somebody doting on the sight of a fairy land, the Dubai Garden Glow could be the best attraction for you. Touted as a lush attraction with tons of lifelike, growling and scary animatronics, the Dubai Garden Glow is just the perfect place to immerse yourself in the pleasure of illumination fashioned out of expensive ornaments. Some of the incredible features of the Dubai Garden Glow are the amazing Ice Park; boasting giant ice sculptures, and a fantastic garden; brimming with eco-friendly artwork fashioned out of tons of CDs and small bottles.

Feel the Pleasure of Dubai Dhow Cruise

Lovely water bodies including the Dubai Canal, the Dubai Creek and the Dubai Marina readily pave the way for first-time visitors and just anyone to feel the pleasure of dhow cruise Dubai. It’s an amazing dining experience in a traditional dhow boat that is beautifully decorated. You are presented with some cultural activities, traditional Middle Eastern foods and some of the best views of the Dubai in the evening.

Take a Stroll around Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai is an incredible large ski resort which houses a decent number of attractive features including the snow park, the ice cave and the exquisite penguin park. Situated within the desert, Ski Dubai is further composed of the 400-meter world’s longest Diamond Run, making it a breath-taking attraction for first-time Dubai visitors.

See the Beauty of the Dubai Creek

The Dubai Creek is no doubt one of the places you should visit if you really want to have a feel of Dubai’s history. Widely known as a briny estuary, the Dubai Creek guarantees visitors the pleasure of exploring the Dubai Museum and the renowned Al Fahidi Historic Neighborhood which holds made-of-coral wind towers and houses. A visit to Al Fahidi Historic Neighborhood is also in our list of 7 wonderful ways to enjoy an authentic Dubai getaway.

Explore Dubai Marina and Stroll around the Jumeirah Beach Walk

Touted as one of Dubai’s incredible manmade features, Dubai Marina is situated amid several exquisite and illuminating skyscrapers. On another hand, a stroll along the Jumeirah Beach Walk allows for the sight of splendid yachts, cars and mind-blowing architecture which beautify this area. If you really want to have a damn luxurious experience, ensure you visit any of the nightclubs and restaurants around the marina.

Catch Sight of the Amazing Dubai Miracle Gardens

The Dubai Miracle Gardens is, of course, the home of flowering beauty as it flourishes with splendid plants and flowers that portray various things including people, landmarks, hearts, arches, etc. Verily, being at the Dubai Miracle Gardens is an exciting way to fill the eyes and the soul with beauty. Courtesy of yearly changes in their formations, the flowering plants at the Dubai Miracle Gardens can portray anything ranging from castles to fairy tale houses, cartoon characters, airplanes and huge teddy bears.

Have a Taste of Delicacy at the Dubai Mall

With a trip to the Dubai Mall that holds the stunning VR Park, you’re likely to savor the amazement of UAE’s best virtual reality experience. The amazing mall, which houses over 1000 retail outlets, allows Dubai visitors the excitement of exploring Underwater Zoo and Aquarium. Interestingly, this guarantees visitors the sighting of incredible marine life as they can stroll through a see-through acrylic tunnel situated in the aquarium.

Check out the Amazing Burj Khalifa

Touted as the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa is an incredible Dubai attraction with sheets of glinting glass windows. Standing at a height of 828 meters, Burj Khalifa is such a marvelous manmade structure that any first-time Dubai visitor really has to check out. Burj Khalifa, which boasts the world’s fastest elevator, gives you an avenue to espy all of Dubai’s manmade and natural features ranging from exquisite buildings to the desert and the sea.


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