I am obsessed with travel! Not only because I love meeting new people, places, and experiencing new cultures, but because I want the same for everyone!

My name is David Hoffmann. I am a host and producer. I started Davidsbeenhere.com because I believe that so much of what we are is influenced by where we’ve been in the world.

David’s Been Here is a digital media company meant to supply plenty of travel inspiration and advice. To date, I’ve hosted over 1,000 travel episodes across 6 continents. I am also a digital influencer, collaborating with travel and lifestyle brands that I think would resonate with my audiences.

How It All Started

I was born and raised in Miami, Florida to parents of Italian and Hungarian decent. From the very beginning I learned to embrace my family’s diverse cultures, eventually leading to curiosity about other countries, and ultimately to my love affair with planning my own solo adventures around the world. I’ve always been attracted to destinations that aren’t on everyone’s bucket list.

In 2007 I hired my cinematographer (who still travels with me) and for the next two years we filmed a staggering 500 episodes in 22 countries with not a penny to show for it. Back then I worked on barter system with hotels, restaurants, and airlines, but it all changed when tourism boards began inviting me on press trips. From that point forward I was solely focused on keeping my budding travel empire alive.

My episodes are short and fun, meant to give you great tips and a glimpse of a destination before you take off. Some of my passions are history, wine, architecture, and wildlife.

David’s Been Here Today

Most of my travel is for clients who sponsor web show episodes and digital content on my social medias and my blog. I have a substantial reach through my video distribution networks (YouTube, Daily Motion, Vessel, USA Today, and more…) Additionally, my social media following is growing each day. Some amazing partnerships to date include SIXT Rent a Car, Wimdu, XShot, Borrow Lenses, and Icelandair, just to name a few.

We pride ourselves on consistent, high-quality content and knowledge of current travel trends that I share with my audiences. We’ve had amazing opportunities to produce television segments, branded films, stunning photography, and several hundred articles.

I’ve been named as one of the Top 10 Best Travel Videographers by USA Today and Top 10 Travel Video Sites by OOAworld. Plans for the future include fueling your wanderlust one country at a time.

For serious enquiries, media kit and rates email David@GodandBeauty.com

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