Macedonia Case Study

Davidsbeenhere was recently hired by Timeless Macedonia to promote Macedonia on several platforms in a fun way where viewers could learn about what there is to see, do and eat.


Re-Cap of Trip

  • 9 days in Macedonia covering culture, cities, landmarks, nature, cuisine and wine
  • 5 articles produced (1,000 – 2,000 words for high SEO ranking)
  • Keywords, meta-data description and original photography
  • 6 video episodes produced and released on 10 different online networks (include voiceover and professional editing)


10 Places You Must Visit in Macedonia

3 Wineries You Must Visit in the Povardarie Wine Region of Macedonia

10 Things to See and Do in Skopje, Macedonia

Top 5 Things to Do in Bitola, Macedonia

17 Macedonia Instagram Photos That Will Make You Love History


Introduction to Macedonian Language

What to See and Do in Bitola, Macedonia

The Ancient City of Stobi, Macedonia

Things to See and Do in Ohrid, Macedonia

What to See In and Around Skopje

Touring the Povardarie Wine Region in Macedonia

Total YouTube views: 100,000+ (not including other networks). 7,000 average views per day on the YouTube Channel.


David shares on average 2-3 images per day to his following of (111K).



All articles and videos are shared on Facebook as they are released. We invest in advertising our content to audiences around the world interested in travel.

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The Cost

David travels with a cinematographer and they are both based in Miami, Florida, USA.

  • Round trip flights from Miami
  • Two hotel rooms per night during the entire length of the trip
  • Guide, food and ground transportation
  • Daily rate (which includes David’s hosting fees, cinematographer rate, hard drives, editing fees, article research/ writing and YouTube and Facebook upscaling)

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