Top Things To Do & See in Tagaytay Philippines 

Visiting Tagaytay in Philippines – What Should You Know About it

There are countless places to visit in Tagaytay and it offers an amazing travel experience to the visitors. The mind blowing beauty of the unique topography of Taal Lake and its volcano and the surrounding hills and mountains is phenomenal.

Getting there is relatively easy if  you are driving a car from Manila. You would have to pass through the freeway and exit at Santa Rosa, then pass through rolling valleys dotted with hundreds of pineapple orchards alongside wooden furniture and handicraft shops. Visitors know when they are nearing Tagaytay when they see the first fruit stands lined up along the sides of the road.

Tagaytay is famous for its fruits, vegetables, flowers and plants, including mangosteen, a round, purple fruit with luscious pulpy white flesh that is slightly tart and sweet, and its plump bananas, sweet mangoes, and of course, juicy pineapples.

Another way visitors will know that they have reached the outskirts of Tagaytay is when the air begins to become cooler and balmier. This air is so different from the air in the city, that even a whiff of its freshness is enough to rejuvenate visitors.

Where to stay in Tagaytay

If you are wondering where to stay in Tagatay, then you would be happy to know that there are many other options apart from booking the hotels. You can find out the vacation rentals ideally matching your needs.

Staying in a house offers guests the opportunity to relax and be themselves. Staying in a hotel inhibits freedom in a way, because guests have set hours for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and guests have no chance to be comfortable in their clothes and outfits. Imagine staying in a hotel or inn and not being able to go out in sleepwear. It somehow defeats the idea of the purpose of a trip to Tagaytay – for some rest and relaxation.


Golfing is one of the Philippines‘ best kept secrets. There are world-class golfing facilities that will leave any golfing fans spellbound. In the whole of Asia, the Philippines is regarded as the hub of golfing and if you like golf, there is a chance you will do little else while you are there. There are also high-quality after-golf facilities and many golfing lovers have decided to reside in the Philippines after their retirement.

The Philippines has a rich history in golf, spanning over a century now. Golf was first brought to this region under British rule by the British forces that were stationed here. Since then, the game has thrived and grown into a whole industry, which has become a huge attraction for tourists. The golf courses in the Philippines are considered to be the most challenging in Asia and also, some of them are considered to be the most beautiful in the world. The golf courses have been designed by world-class golf course architects who have lent a touch of class to them, making them akin to any high-end golfing facility on the globe.

With all these astounding places and activities, Tagatay, is undoubtedly, one of the best exotic travel destinations across the globe. With a pleasant whether throughout the year, you can plan your trip anytime except the monsoon season and enjoy the stunning natural beauty of the place.

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