5 Countries You Must Visit While Traveling South-West Asia

You haven’t travelled much, where to go?

Well that all depends. There are so many considerations: time, budget, interests, comfort level, experience. But if you are just getting started with the travel thing, you can’t do much better than south west Asia. Just think of all the places you could go, and I’ll recommend the best five that might help you choose your ideal travel destination.

Some of the places you may visit in South -West Asia include  Turkey, Cyprus, Israel, Jordan and Kuwait. Pretty amazing, right?

Why Turkey?

Would anyone really ask that question? Apart from Turkey being a country brimming with history, it is a meeting point of various empires and a crossroads between two continents. Add to that a marvelous coastline and vibrant culture and you get a formula for one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. What other country offers you the chance to walk on both Asian and European continents in a single afternoon? If you just include sites like Hagia Sophia – A Byzantine building originally a Greek orthodox church then a mosque, the Ruins of Ephesus – one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Pamukkale – known for mineral-rich thermal waters flowing down white travertine terraces on a nearby hillside, food, skiing opportunities as well as bazaars, you get a nice picture of what you might miss if you bypass Turkey.

Why Cyprus?

Because it is an island located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia and a destination I have no doubt you’ll fall in love with. There so many things to visit there like Nicosia – with fortified stone walls dating back to the 1500 Venetian expansion and Green Line, a reminder of a devastating conflict in 1970s dividing Turkish in the north from Greeks in the south. There is also Blue Lagoon – where you will enjoy swimming, Mosaics of the Houses of Avion and Dionysus, Kurion and many other things!

Why Israel?

The first reason can be found in its capital, Jerusalem that is the city for religion. Jerusalem is the holiest city in the world – holy for Jews, Christians, and Muslims. So if one of your goals is to educate yourself while travelling, this is a place to go. Tel Aviv’s waterfront promenade is a place that will leave you speechless, as well as a nearby fortress city of Akko. Stop by any open-air market throughout Israel, such as Jerusalem’s lively, fun Machane Yehuda market. It’s the perfect place to feel the vibrant pulse of Israeli life.

What you mustn’t miss is Yad Vashem – Jerusalem’s Holocaust Memorial that tells the history of the slaughter of six million Jews by Nazi Germany.

Why Jordan?

Because you can float in a giant lake! The Dead Sea is actually a quite salty lake – 34 percent saline, almost ten times that of seawater. The bright blue waters attract many swimmers who want to experience floating without any effort at all.

Ancient city Petra, snorkeling in the Red Sea, Dana Bioreserve Sphere are just some of the reasons to visit Jordan. What you will certainly enjoy is Wadi Rum – UNESCO World heritage recognized desert. The best way to experience Wadi Rum is by staying at one of the luxury tented Bedouin camps and then joining them for daily activities in the desert. You will certainly not forget such experience!


In Arabic, Kuwait means ‘’fortress built near the sea’’. That can tell you a lot already. One of the top reasons to visit Kuwait is prompted by the kind of proactive lifestyle the tourism industry offers its visitors. Kuwait is covered in spas and health centers that offer possibilities for healthy lifestyle.

When it comes to culture, attractions in Kuwait City include the Tarek Rajab museum with its private art collection, the Sadu House with its beautiful tapestries and of course the Great Mosque.

Wherever, whenever

After citing all these beautiful places, don’t you think it is hard not to go visit South-West Asia?! I’m sure your next trip will be exciting. Whichever of these countries you decide to visit and wherever you go, you will definitely come back enriched with great knowledge and impressions that will stick with you forever.

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