Advantages of Renting a Car When Traveling Abroad

When you travel abroad, you can stick to one city and thoroughly explore it, or you can spend a week or two and go to several cities so that you can see more of the country and get a sense of all that makes it great. There can be great differences from city to city or province to province, so traveling around will give you a much better sense of the culture.

You have a lot of options for traveling in the country, including taking the bus, the train, the subway, or even taxis, rickshaws, or scooters. If you’re traveling in Dubai and need a safe, sober driver service after a boozy night on the town or a chauffeur to shuttle you around town, you can find that as well! But one of the best options for traveling in country is to rent a car. Here are some of the advantages to consider:

Freedom of Travel

There are a lot of limits to public transportation when you’re traveling. The bus may not go to rural areas where you might find a temple or a historic site, or you might have to take three or four buses to get there if there is a stop. Subways are typically only available in major cities, and when they are available, they typically stick to a tightly confined area. Trains help you get from city to city, but they only offer one stop per city, so you can’t use them for travel once you arrive. Tour buses put you on a pre-defined route and schedule.

By renting a car, you have the freedom to go wherever you want, whenever you want. Just make sure you have some good auto car insurance to cover you in case of any accidents. If you are getting bored in one place, you can leave right that minute instead of waiting for the next scheduled fare out. You can travel overnight when a lot of public transportation isn’t running. You can go to out-of-the-way locations that aren’t easily accessible with public transportation. You have the ultimate freedom in planning your trip, even changing your itinerary as you go.

Cost Savings

All those bus routes and train trips not only add up to a lot of time wasted, but they also add up to a lot of money spent. If you are traveling in the city and take taxis, the cost can rise astronomically. (Forget about how much it would cost to take a taxi between cities.) Renting a car can save you a lot of money.

Of course, you’ll need to shop around to get the best deal on your rental, and your choice of car will have a big impact on how much you ultimately spend. But renting a car will save you so much money, on average, that you might even be able to upgrade to a luxury car and still stay on budget. Or you can just channel those savings into staying at a nicer hotel, eating at nicer restaurants, or going on more excursions. Make sure you factor in the price of gas, insurance, and parking when you budget for your rental car.

New Experiences

Driving in a different country can give you a number of new experiences that will become great stories from your trip. In Ireland, you’ll drive on the left side of narrow, country roads that can pass through sheep pastures or wind around mountains and cliffsides. In some places, the road narrows to one lane, and you have to drive carefully around a cliffside in case of oncoming traffic. In France, you’ll drive on the right side of the road and manage intense traffic and aggressive drivers. In South Korea, you’ll encounter drivers who travel at top speeds and treat red lights like suggestions – and the police won’t bat an eye.

You’ll get a much better sense of the culture of the place by driving in it yourself, and you’ll have a lot more fun stories from your trip.

Don’t stick to the typical travel itineraries when you travel overseas. Do something new and give yourself freedom in your travel by renting a car. All you need to do is get an international driving permit, which you can do by visiting a AAA and showing your current driver’s license. You’ll be free to rent any car you like and drive in just about any country – and you’ll have a much better trip in the process.


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