A Travel Guide to Rome

Rome is a beautiful place to visit especially for the history it holds. The city and its history date back to over 2,700 years. Many of its historic sites have been preserved for us as well as the future generations to see what used to happen in the past.

Rome has a variety of historical places as well as artifacts that attract tourists from all over the world. These include artwork and monuments as well as ancient ruins. In fact, it is said that one could visit Rome and yet not see everything when it comes to its entire history.

If you are a fan of sightseeing, then you will surely feast your eyes on the variety of sites that Rome has to offer. There are parts of Rome will awe you and leave you breathless when you visit as they are captivating and breathtaking. Rome is centrally placed in Italy and that’s why it is a convenient place to visit. It is the largest city in Italy and is also the capital city of Italy, which makes it a hub and center for various activities and events. Rome was once the capital of the Roman Empire as well.

In terms of ancient buildings, Rome has a variety of ancient buildings that hold a place in ancient history. One of these buildings is the ancient Colosseum that shows the history of past buildings as well as life in ancient Rome. This helps build knowledge on how past buildings were constructed including the designs and shapes. Modernization has taken place in Rome leading to the construction of new buildings and roads. This has however not interfered with the ancient buildings as they have been specially preserved for viewing by tourists.

For those who love art and archeology, Rome has a lot to offer in terms of both. Art is very wide spread in this Italian city and there are many different artistic works in Rome that will make you appreciate the discipline. There are a variety of museums present in Rome that showcase the culture and artistic history of this historical town. An example of such a museum is Villa Borghese that has a variety of galleries and gardens for tourists to explore and view. The Capitole museums also has a collection of ancient works that back up the archaeological history of Rome. All these areas are noteworthy places to visit while you vacation here as they showcase the history of the entire.

There are also a number of churches in Rome that date back to ancient times. There are over 900 churches that are regarded as museums due to the history they hold. Tourists travel all over the world just to come and view these churches. Especially for Christians, the churches act as roots for the Christian religion and thus are important parts of their history. The numbers of churches in Rome are so many that you will probably not miss a church on every street. It can therefore be accurate to say that religion was pioneered in Rome judging from the number of churches. The Vatican museum which is the largest museum in Italy is probably one of the world’s most important museums. Present inside the Vatican museum are various artwork collections and sculptures that have been set up by the popes over the years. Places such as St. John Lateran and St. Peter’s Basilica have some of the most well-known works of art in the entire world. These masterpieces have been created by talented artists such as Michelangelo. These masterpieces have great value and thus need to be kept safe. Thousands of people travel from all over the world just for the purpose of viewing these wonderful works of art created by some of the most prolific artist of all time.

Rome is also home to the papacy and a foundation for the Catholic Church and thus there is a lot of religious background attached to it especially when it comes to the Catholic faith. Popes stay at Vatican City and they are the spiritual leaders of the Catholic Church. Thousands of Christians come on Sundays to attend services led by the pope. This can be an interesting experience for visitors who come to tour Rome. Attending one of these masses would give you an idea of how services are conducted in the Catholic Church.

Rome has a population of approximately four million citizens who run the economy and live in this beautiful city. There are a number of places to eat in Rome including family owned restaurants and cafes that you can settle into and let your taste buds enjoy the visit. Being in Italy, Rome is also famous for its many varieties of  coffee offered including the popular cappuccino and cornetto coffee. Enjoy the various tastes of Rome and its varied cuisine as well as its coffee and experience the many benefits of being Roman while your visting.

Rome is therefore one place that you should make a plan to visit when you visit Italy as there are a lot of things to captivate the eyes and make you appreciate the history of the world there.

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