7 Things to Do in New York

New York is exciting, always fresh, inviting and endlessly engaging. It has every possible thing a traveler to the city might need for fun and edification. Maximize your stay in this city and worry not about getting tired. Besides, there are some convenient ways to travel back to your hometown. Aside from booking a round trip ticket to make sure you fly back on time, you may also take an airport transfer to JFK from your last stop. Preparing your travel carefully will surely help you have fun on your journey to New York City. Here are the top 7 things to do in New York.

American Museum of Natural History

The museum believes its mission is to educate the world. Set up in 1869, this over a century old building has exhibits that speak of the natural world, but also of cultures from all over the globe. Its collections are well thought of and well executed. Among its NYC attractions is the largest freestanding dinosaur display of a Barosaurus. The other halls are devoted to mammals of all kinds and there is also a Center for Biodiversity and Conservation. The Milstein Hall of Ocean Life contains the entire oceanic ecosystem, complete with a model of the blue whale that spans close to 94 feet. It’s not just fossils that the Museum find fascinating. Get to the Richard Glider Center for Science, Education, and Innovation and you can learn about insects and butterflies. This impressive 21,000 square foot Center is an ideal place of learning for children and for teachers. It’s also a great way to educate the kids. Head there and make sure you spend a day at least, taking in the splendors of the museum.

Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

While the New York skyline, especially Manhattan is instantly recognizable, the city is also known as the home to one of the most iconic statues in the world- the Statue of Liberty. Made from copper, this gift is the ultimate gesture of friendship between two countries. Make your way down to Ellis Island and gaze upon Lady Liberty. A self-guided audio helps you understand the history of Lady Liberty. Of special interest is the stone pedestal, which forms almost half the height of the statue. Look at New Jersey in a completely new light, from this height. Ellis Island is just a whisper away from the Statue. Both these sites are vital places for the understanding of why America is truly a land of immigrants. There’s something remarkable about the history of both places and when you’re there, you’ll feel it too.

Diamond District

The Diamond District in on 47th Street. If you’re looking to add to your jewelry collection or to make a first purchase, this is the right place to come to. Seeing how almost every diamond in the country has come from here, you can see why this is a great place to visit. Imagine 4,000 jewelers in a single spot, including the exclusive Friedman & Son, designers for the Kennedys. Frauds are there here too and in order to not get cheated, read up on each of the 4 Cs, ensure you get a legitimate certificate for your purchase and take your time deciding. You could pick up a diamond or two or spend some time window shopping. It’s an experience you’re not likely to forget any time soon.

The High Line

While Central Park is the city’s most famous park, there’s another beauty you should visit- the High Line Park. This public park runs above, not along the West Side of Manhattan, on an elevated rail line. There is elevator access in many of the places along the Line. There is wheelchair access as well. A great way to take in the Meatpacking District is to go to the Tiffany & Co, Foundation Overlook, a balcony. Water features and gardens, thickets and lawns- you can find them all here. Spend a day in the sun, picnicking as the city whizzes by, below. From programs for teenagers to children and every member of the family, cultural programs and festival celebrations, the High Line is the perfect venue for all of it.

The National 9/11 Memorial and Museum

New York will never forget the atrocity perpetrated on it on September 11th. Honoring the sacrifices of those who died in the terrorist attack is the 9/11 Memorial and Museum. The Museum is poignant, set as it is on the grounds of the original World Trade Center. From the outside structure of the Museum to memorabilia of those who died and other exhibits, the Museum is a poignant reminder of that terrible day. Two large waterfalls and numerous bronze plaques with the names of all the people who died on 9/11 add to the pathos of the space. This is a somber place, and a necessary one.

Big Bus New York Hop-On Hop-Off Tour

You want to experience the city but at your own pace. The Big Bus New York Hop-on Hop-Off Tour is perfect for it. Explore some of the most memorable sights and sounds of the city and benefit from the experience of live guides and vibrant commentary. The tours are flexible which means you can linger or move on from a place depending on how you feel. There will always be a bus to take you to the next place. So whether you want to spend a few hours or a few minutes at some spot is all up to you. Choose from amongst a one, two or three day pass and take in Brooklyn Bridge and Empire State Building among other places. It definitely one of NYC activities you have to do!

The Museum of Modern Art

A cutting edge space for contemporary art, MoMA is a must visit. Its collections are outstanding and its exhibits are thought-provoking. A visit here is nothing short of inspirational. From pondering about whether fashion is modern or not to the many galleries on display, including Cubism, Matisse and Monet, the Museum of Modern Art is a seminal place where you can also experience the genius of Van Gogh and Gauguin. Whether it’s surrealism, or futurism you’re interested in or in the concept of abstract art, the Museum will answer the burning questions for you. In the process, you will see art like never before. Take the family thing, even the skeptical member and see how art can transform lives, opening up conversations and minds.

New York never disappoints.

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