Essential Items for Carp Fishing

Fishing is getting more and more popular now days, here are some fishing essentials that you can’t miss out on. Firstly, one of my personal favourites bite alarms, with this tool you can cast your line and leave it on the alarm. The idea of this tool is that when your line has a sudden movement because you have had a bite it will then ring an alarm. Another essential item you should get is a net, this is quite an obvious pick as when you are reeling the fish in you ensure that you catch the fish safely ashore. Finally, probably one of the most pieces of equipment you can have, a spod rod you can find these fishing rods from Total fishing tackle. If you use a spod rod when carp fishing, you need a rod that is designed to cast a heavier weight over a fair distance. This will stand up to repeated use so you are better off investing in a rod specifically for this purpose. Please take a look at the infographic for some more examples of carp fishing essentials.

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