VIDEO: 72 Hours Travel Guide of Mumbai, India

I recently visited Mumbai and explored the city for three full days. From the Gateway of India, to eating non-stop Mumbai street food, here is my 72 Hours Travel Guide of Mumbai, India! Hopefully it gives you some insight about what to do and what to eat in Mumbai.

During my 72 hours in Mumbai we explored a few different neighborhoods. From the Gateway of India in southern Mumbai, all the way to the Global Vipassana Pagoda at the northernmost part of the city. Along with the impressive sights we explored, we also tried some amazing Indian street food!

Here is a list of places and foods we tried per day:

Day 1:

-Gateway of India

-Elephanta Island

-Maharashtrian Cuisine

-Colaba Causeway Market

-CST Railway Station at Night

-Poy Pudgi

Day 2:

-Bandra –

Pani Puri

-Bandra’s Bandstand Promenade

-Kalidas Masala Vada Pay

-Mohammad Ali Road

-Mutton Roll


-Versova Beach

-Madh Island

-Global Vipassana Pagoda

-Juhu Beach

I hope you loved this 72 Hours Travel Guide of Mumbai, India sponsored by Uberx!

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