5 Ways to Write Great Articles for Travel Bloggers

Are you finding that some of your blog articles get more engagement than others? Have you been looking for the common thread that will appeal to the higher percentage of your readers?

In the world of content marketing, success is all about testing out different types of content and writing from different angles to gauge engagement.

With that in mind, let’s have a look at five distinct angles that many copywriters and first-class essay writers for hire use when writing travel blogs. From there, you can gauge how well your audience engages with your content, and develop a writing style gets the best response.

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  1. Appeal to the Dreamer

High-end vacations are nothing but a dream to many, but for those who like to live vicarious lifestyles of the rich and famous, this could be a successful niche.

The key to success with this type of article is descriptive and immersive language coupled with powerful visuals. You want the reader to feel like he or she is walking on that beach, gazing out at that magnificent sunset. You want the reader to taste the coconut, guava, and rum in that rich $50 island cocktail.

The more sensual the language, the more immersed the reader becomes and the more time they spend engaging with your content. This can only help boost page SEO and increase the probability that the reader will click on an ad or follow whatever call to action you choose to present.

  1. Appeal to the Individual

Solo travel is becoming more and more common as millennials seek to quell their wanderlust before life with student debt and other life-centered demands take a foothold. If you want to appeal to this audience, you need to accentuate the feeling of travel.

Don’t simply comment on the view from that precipice. Describe the constant breeze, the smell of pine and salt air, and the warmth of the midday sun. You can also comment on the reduced cost involved with things like camping and packing lunches for a day of hiking, but keep in mind that some people travel alone because it leaves them with more money for splurging, too. Cost is not always a consideration here.

  1. Appeal to Families

When writing about family vacations, you’re dealing mostly with affordable, kid-friendly fun. Check out some of the major travel review sites and choose places and activities that get consistently good reviews from families.

Draw your details from other people’s real experiences. It will lend an extra dimension of authenticity to the piece. You can even narrow your split testing further by appealing to families with young children, teens, and college-aged students traveling with their parents.

  1. Write About Road Trips

Some of the most fun travel articles are those that start and end with specific points A & B. It’s all the great stuff to do in between that will hold the reader’s attention. Get them excited about taking that long road trip and give them ideas of fun things to do to break up the monotony of endless highway.

Again, you can segment these types of articles for families, individuals, college kids on spring break… you name it.

  1. Write About RVing

While more of a niche market, RV travel has seen a spike in popularity in the last decade. With so many unique RV parks and destinations out there, you will have an endless supply of content to develop in this niche. You will also have the opportunity to research and learn about some of the oddest and quirkiest roadside attractions out there.

Final Takeaway

If you decide to take a stab at any of these niches, it’s a great idea first to become familiar with some of the things that are common to the experience. Remember, whether you have ever done any of these things before or not, you need to be able to write about them with authority.

Always remember that it doesn’t matter how good your idea is if your reader doesn’t believe you know anything about it. Be genuine and knowledgeable. Do your homework. These small considerations on your part will give your readers reason to trust your opinions and advice, and it will keep them coming back for more.

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