VIDEO: The Best Hard Drive Storage Space for Content Creators | Drobo 5D3 Unboxing

I get this question all the time, what is the best hard drive storage space for content creators like myself. Drobo has been my go to hard drive storage solution for over 8 years and is a must for serious content creators.

The Drobo 5D3 is the 3rd generation 5 Bay direct-attached storage (DAS), reimagined for media professionals, content creators, and small businesses. Lightning fast Thunderbolt™ 3 technology delivers the speed, while Drobo’s fully automated BeyondRAID™ functionality provides the simplicity. Not only is the 5D3 fast, but it’s easy to use, expandable, flexible and protected. You can safely edit, store and view photos and videos in your 4K/5K workflow, as well as backup your personal and business data.

It is the best for anyone shooting and editing in 4K and you can add as many TB’s as needed. I personally have a Drobo 5D3 and a 5D as a backup.

Drobo 5D3:…

Seagate 12TB Barracuda:…

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