4 Best US Road Trips in 2018

The Great American Road Trip has evolved immensely over the decades and centuries, arguably beginning in the Conestoga Wagon days and gaining a form essentially similar to today with the building of the Interstate System in the 1950’s and beyond.

If you’re getting ready to venture out on a modern day road trip, check out this definitive online Road Trip Guide for all of the tips and advice you’ll need to make it safe, efficient, and enjoyable.

But if you’re looking for ideas on where to plan going for your next road trip adventure in 2018, consider these 4 popular itineraries.

1. Overland To Alaska!

The famed Alaska Highway running from the border with Washington State, through British Columbia and the Yukon, and into Alaska all the way up to Fairbanks, is a 1450-mile long adventure you will never forget.

Choose this route for summertime only unless you enjoy extremely cold weather. That said, The Alaska Highway easily ranks among the most scenic routes on the continent. You always spot wildlife on the way up, and the coast, forests, and mountains are stunningly rugged and full of beauty.

Key stops along the way include the hot springs on the Liard River, the history museum in Fort Nelson, and the gorgeous Watson Lake in Yukon Territory.

2. The Blue Ridge Scenic Route

If you’re looking for something a bit shorter than an overland haul to Alaska, but you crave scenic beauty and historical landmarks, travel the 470-mile long Blue Ridge Parkway of Virginia and North Carolina.

The area is mostly protected by national park and national forest status, and a trip through the region in the autumn will treat your eyes to a spectacular show of color that many say is unmatched by any other place on Earth.

Shenandoah National Park is the mainstay of the area for tourists, though there are some key sites outside the park too. Dark Hollow Falls and other waterfalls litter the area, and you’ll get a chance to meet up with Appalachian culture, music, and history as well.

3. Travel The Oregon Trail!

For those with a historic bent and a willingness to travel great distances cross country, the Oregon Trail route running from Independence, MO, to Oregon City, OR, is an amazing experience. But even traveling a portion of the 2,000 mile plus route is well worthwhile.

Along the way, you’ll actually be able to see the marks left by old fashioned pioneer wagon wheels that traveled the Oregon Trail. And there are many historic sites and highly intriguing museums scattered along the route, besides the incredible scenery that Oregon migrants once cast their eyes upon.

The Oregon Trail Parkway in Nebraska is a key part of the trail that everyone should include in their itinerary, but other important stops include Fort Laramie, Register Cliff where travelers carved their names, the ferry ride at Glenns Ferry, Idaho, and Oregon’s John Day Fossil Beds monument.

4. Drive The Overseas Highway

For a short, 150 mile long road trip experience like no other, consider traveling the “Overseas Highway” from Miami to Key West, Florida.

On Route 1, you will pass over the main islands of the Florida Keys and over 42 bridges (Seven Mile Bridge being the longest). You’ll find quaint little hotels to relax in on the keys and, perhaps, enjoy a little key lime pie made from local limes.

You’ll also find abundant fishing opportunities, pristine beaches, parks and reserves, and guided tours to the Keys’ historic sites. In Miami, the art displays lined up on Calle Ocho of Little Havana are a memorable stop.

If you get the chance to go on a major road trip in 2018, these are 4 great ideas on how to spend your available days. Of course, there are numerous other classic road trip routes – the four provided, however, should at least get your creativity working as you plan for this year’s vacation.

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