Five Reasons Why You Should Visit Nagpur

Located in the center of India, Nagpur isn’t necessarily the first city that people think of when they plan a visit to the Indian subcontinent. But while Nagpur might not have the fame of New Delhi or Mumbai, it has more than enough things to experience to make a vacation a wonderful experience on its own.

However, one of the best ways to experience Nagpur is to combine it with another major city in India and compare your experiences. You’ll learn a lot about multiple places in India at once, without expending much effort to get between cities. Here are five of the best reasons why you should plan a trip to Nagpur on your visit to India!

It’s Easy To Reach

Taking a look at the map suggests that Nagpur might be out of reach unless you’re willing to drive or take a train from Mumbai. Even if you did, you’d be looking at almost a full day awake spent on the road before you finally reached your destination. Fortunately, air travel makes getting to Nagpur substantially easier. Mumbai to Nagpur flights can be had for as little as $35 American dollars each way on the right day, and when you’re flying for that low of a cost, it’s hard not to smile as you make your way into Nagpur.

It’s Naturally Beautiful

If you think that India is only giant crowds, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the greenery that you find in Nagpur. Nagpur is considered one of India’s most livable cities because of the plants and trees in and around the city, bringing a small slice of nature to the urban area that has grown with time.

Here, you’ll find it easy to get out of the city and go bird watching, hiking, or boating in the woods and lakes near Nagpur. One great place for these activities is the Waki Woods, which are located about 30 kilometers from Nagpur and provide the quintessential natural experience of appreciating the beauty of India. Or you can check out Khekranala Reservoir in the shadows of the Khapra mountain range, where a monsoon can actually be a positive because of the views you’ll get of the showers!

The Oranges Are Legendary

If you think that you know oranges, it’s time to try one of the oranges from the trees of Nagpur. The oranges found here are incredibly sweet and juicy, as long as they were harvested at the proper time. In Nagpur the oranges grow and taste differently depending on when they grow, as those that are harvested between September and December tend to have a slightly sour taste. For the really sweet, juicy oranges that helped Nagpur become known as the Orange City, you want one harvested early in the calendar year. Your taste buds will definitely thank you!

Tadoba Anhari National Park

Have you ever wanted to see tigers in their natural habitat? This is your chance to do exactly that. Tadoba Anhari National Park is the largest national park in Maharashtra, and it’s home to the Bengal tiger and other animals that make their homes in Asia. The reserve is home to approximately 88 tigers, with others living just outside the reserve’s territory.

But tigers are far from the only animals you’ll see here. Reptiles, such as the Indian python and the terrapin, also make their homes in the park, as do leopards, honey badgers, barking deer and several unique birds. If you’ve ever enjoyed the zoo but wondered what life outside the zoo would be like for some of the animals, this is a place you can’t miss.

Ambazari Lake and Ambazari Garden

Looking for a romantic morning walk? This is the place to visit. Ambazari Lake is no longer used as a source of drinking water, but its waters still provide life to the plants of the Ambazari Garden, making it one of the the more picturesque sites in India. The lake is the start of the Nag River and is home to several mango trees, which helped give the lake and gardens their names.

Why is this something important in Nagpur? The music. Through the day, you’ll hear soft music playing in the garden, creating a relaxing, soothing atmosphere for couples and singles alike. It’s a unique location, and the opportunity to walk or jog in a garden with music coming from the speakers is something you’re not likely to find many other places.

Whether you’re trying to stretch your vacation by a couple days or another week, Nagpur is a place you shouldn’t miss after visiting Mumbai. With Mumbai to Nagpur flights relatively cheap and happening throughout the day, you’ll have ample opportunity to pack up and enjoy a new Indian city for a few extra days. A visit to Nagpur is an outstanding way to push a great trip into a legendary one!

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