Survival and Camping Guide to Europe’s Summer Music Festival 2019

There is no better entertainment option than camping and surviving at the summer music festivals of Europe. The great thing about these music festivals is that they are equipped with wonderful music and amazing atmospheres.  If you look for the best way to listen to fantastic musicians, unwind, make lots of new friends and dance throughout the night, you can attend the best music festivals in Europe during the summer.

It is a well-known fact that summer is the right time for people to visit Europe for both adventure and travel.  If you plan to travel to Europe alone, you need not worry about it. It is because the European music festivals bring you a stunning chance to make many new friends. In short, summer in this beautiful destination is complete about heart-grabbing music festivals and memorable celebrations.  Once June month rolls around, the festival time beings in earnest. It means that there are minimum a couple of pleasurable and joyful festivals happening anywhere in Europe every weekend.

It is good news for travelers that now the festivals abroad actually comes in different sizes and shapes and are also happening in different places. It ranges from lakes to mountains. If you face any challenges while planning for your next summer trip to Europe, you can look at the following list of music festivals.

The great selection of rock festivals in Europe not only save time but also make the trip planning simpler. This post also shares you survival and camping guide for planning the upcoming summer trip easily and quickly.

Excellent summer Music Festivals of Europe in 2019

If you love music and love to travel, you can opt for Europe. It is an ideal destination where you can enjoy your summer holidays visiting music festivals. The summer season in Europe is packed with a stunning range of mind-blowing musical events. Before reading the survival guide, you can check the following collection of top music festivals.

  • Umbria Jazz in Perugia
  • Download Festival in Castle Donington
  • Ultra Europe in Split
  • Nice Jazz Festival in Nice
  • Isle of Wight Festival organized at the Seaclose Park in outskirts of Newport
  • Heineken Jazzaldia in San Sebastian
  • Sziget in Budapest, Hungary
  • Nature One in Kastellaun, Germany

When it comes to the German music festivals, they are the perfect blend of great enjoyment and entertainment.  The great musical performances by talented musicians and singers will surely bring you more joy and fun.

Camping guidelines

There are many holidays, and travel lovers opt for camping because it brings them an excellent chance to experience the real authentic and atmosphere and excitement of the music festivals. It is the main reasons why people prefer camping over staying at the hostels or hotels.

When you stay at any camping destination, you will get the maximum emotion and experience from a particular musical festival. It is achieved by closely watching the festivities, music, and fun.

Tips to select a suitable camping spot

It is always convenient to play your trip in advance. You can also do smart research and read the event gear guide. There are many articles available online that helps you to get lots of event camp ideas. The useful guidelines allow you to know more useful details regarding the music festivals, location and several opportunities that they provide for food and accommodation.

Plan your luggage in advance

It is highly recommended to go with light tends and rapid pitch. In addition, you can also consider the luggage before planning your trip. You should realize that attending this kind of event is entirely varied from going on your vacation. The music festivals are active entertainment activities, and hence, you should take only the essential things and gears with you. Also, you should try to avoid lots of luggage.

Survival tips

Every music lover wants to make their experience carefree and comfortable during the music festival. It is always helpful to ask yourself: “Can I pay someone to write my paper?”. There are many ways available to get maximum enjoyment in the music festivals, but the following tips will bring you some added conveniences.

  • You should carry some basic toiletries such as wet wipes, dry shampoo, napkins, basic medicine and hand sanitizer with you. It is because they will aid you in surviving even extreme conditions.
  • It is essential to know that the parking area is located away from the event destination, so people are recommended to pack light for avoiding various hassles.
  • You can also consider the weather forecast with the use of the best shortwave radio that helps you to carry the items for various environmental conditions. It includes sunglasses, sunscreen, flip-flops, a rain jacket and much more.
  • If you want to get rest, you can carry a perfect pair of earplugs
  • It is always convenient to carry a personal seat or light towel because there is no seat around the event area. It will create some troubles while you find someplace to relax.
  • You can pack your charger with a durable battery for keeping your mobile always charged.
  • You can keep in your mind that purchasing drinks during any event will be costly, so you should carry some water. If you do not have enough money to enjoy a music festival, you can look for affordable ways to travel without compromising your enjoyment.
  • You can carry a unique flag because it helps you to easily find your relatives or friends when you get lost.
  • Take a portable Wi-Fi while going to music festivals. The smartphone is a device which will aid you in using your mobile internet when you desire.



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