Why CBD and Turmeric Capsules May Be A Godsend for Stressed-Out Travelers

Nearly everyone knows the stress associated with airports. They’re often chaotic and crowded, fellow travelers are often short-tempered and impatient, delays and cancellations are common, and lost, missing, or damaged luggage happens far more often than it should. It’s enough to make anyone’s head spin, and one of the most common solutions travelers have utilized is alcohol, usually a drink or two before or during their flight to ease their tensions and calm their nerves. The problem with this solution is that the high altitude at which planes fly can actually strengthen the effects of the ingested alcohol and make you feel even worse, not better. Because of this, CBD is a much better option for nervous and anxious fliers.

The world of CBD is ever-expanding. That much is clear. In just a few short years, CBD has gone from being a derided fringe therapy that was mostly seen as a joke and a new way for people to get high to being all the rage and being excitedly touted by everyone from natural health practitioners to your favorite celebrities because of its unique properties, which make it a safe, ideal, and effective alternative therapy for maintaining and easing the severity of countless ailments and illnesses. The increase in interest regarding CBD happened in large part because many people suffering from various physical and mental illnesses wanted to be able to experience the purported medical benefits of marijuana without having to smoke or get high in the process. The vast majority of the CBD produced today comes from the hemp plant, and only contains a negligible amount of THC, the compound that gets people high. Because the amount of THC is so low in most CBD products, less than 0.3%, it is actually impossible to get high from it, but all of the beneficial properties present in the hemp plant remain. Because of this, people from all walks of life, from the ill and disabled to mommy bloggers to athletes and fitness experts, have turned to CBD due to its unique, therapeutic properties. One group of people who can especially benefit from CBD is frequent travelers, who often deal with many of the symptoms that CBD is known to ease, including pain, anxiety, inflammation, and sleep issues. The problem is, with so many CBD products on the market today, including oils, creams, lotions, vape pens, and capsules, it can be difficult to figure out which one will be the most convenient for those who largely live out of suitcases. For many travelers, the CBD and turmeric capsules by Meds Biotech may be the solution they’re looking for.

It has been proven in studies that CBD’s calming and anti-anxiety properties come from the way in which it interacts with the human endocannabinoid system. This extensive system runs throughout your entire body, including, your brain, and helps several different bodily processes to function properly. The natural endocannabinoids in this system help to regulate your body’s stress response, partially by helping to create serotonin, which enhances your mood. However, when people are anxious or stressed, their bodies create a ton of stress hormones called cortisol, which studies have shown can stop or impair the endocannabinoid system from working properly. The way CBD works is, it works with your endocannabinoid system to partially activate your serotonin receptors, which in turn increases the amount of mood-boosting serotonin hormone into your body and lowers your stress and anxiety levels.

CBD solutions can be more effective than alcohol without the risks, but even some of them have their limitations if you’re looking to treat stress and anxiety. While many bottled CBD oils are small enough to be stored in carryon bags, they can leak and can be messy and inconvenient if you need to use it in-flight, especially during a several hour long-haul flight. While creams may be of great help for those dealing with pain and muscle aches before a flight, most CBD cream containers are larger than the 3.4 ounce limit for carryon bags, so they have to be put in your checked baggage, meaning you won’t be able to access it during your flight. And they’re only topical anyway, so the cream likely would not help with any stress or anxiety you may be feeling in-flight or in the lead-up to it. Vaping has become a very popular way to ingest CBD over the last few years, but vape pens are illegal to use on planes, so it’s not even an option. It’s also important to know that CBD products that are derived from cannabis plants other than hemp, and contain more than 0.3% THC, may be illegal in some states. For that reason, it is very important to research, check, and double-check, your product and the laws of the place you’re flying to before you travel with any CBD product.

Meds Biotech’s CBD and turmeric capsules, however, shouldn’t cause any legal issues for people traveling within the United States and to at least fifty countries around the world, including Austria, Belgium, Belize, China, England, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Scotland, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, and Wales. These pharmacist-formulated capsules are specially designed to be swallowed easily and are a convenient and mess-free way to ingest CBD on the go. This dietary supplement contains 20 mg of CBD isolate, as well as 25 mg of turmeric, a root that is known around the world for its medicinal, anti-inflammatory properties that can help with joint and muscle pain as well as other ailments. CBD capsules can take up to two hours to fully kick in since they have to travel through your stomach and be released into your bloodstream, but the effects usually last around eight hours, which is perfect for travelers on long-haul flights.

For a safe, mess-free, legal, and convenient way to travel with CBD, there’s no better choice than Med BioTech’s CBD and Turmeric capsules!

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