How to Avoid Sunburn if You Are on Holiday

When you live in a relatively colder country, you daydream of vacations over the beach. Walking over the sand and soaking in all the sun in the world. Sunbathing sounds like a dream until you have to deal with the aftermaths of a sunburn.

If you decide to sprawl in the sun for hours at end sunburn is a horrid definite. According to experts at Click Pharmacy, the quite obvious solution is to avoid the sun during peak hours. Experts believe the time window for this is from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. And if you are to be under the sun look for places that offer shade. Stay inside, carry an umbrella or just hang around trees that provide broad areas of shadow. The safest option is to go out before peak hours or after it. This way you avoid the harmful UV rays of the sun and can prevent the sunburn.

Secondly, if you are to be in the outdoors. Bath in sunscreen; cover every inch of your skin with it. It acts as a barrier for your skin, a door between the sun and your skin. Sunscreens vary and can be found in vast spectrums. At least SPF 15 is required to protect the skin against the sun, the higher the SPF range higher the protection offered. The trick to SPF is it should be worn at all times, and it’s not something, which is applied just once a day you should lather it on every chance you get. Depends on the activities one indulges in too like swimming would remove the sunscreen unless you are investing in waterproof sunscreen.

The sun penetrates through the glass; even indoors you are at risk of exposure. When not even directly sunny you are still being exposed to the sun.

The ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun are associated with skin ageing, age spots, wrinkles and other dermatological issues.

It might be difficult to discover the suitable SPF for your skin, so experiment around, as you won’t regret it. As times have advanced SPF’s come in all sorts; as mists, roll-ons, sprays, and lotions. All in different textures and smells to suit the clients’ needs. There is a much broader trend of clearer sunscreens, as they don’t leave an aftermath residue on the skin. Check the ingredients, products, which contain Vitamin E, are easier to apply.

Doctors conclude and stress that Sunscreen isn’t entirely responsible for breaking out the skin. Prolonged exposures of the skin to the sun cause the sebaceous glands to swell, causing breakouts and other skin issues including sunburns. Try to find products, which are non-comedogenic in nature as these are intended to make sure the pores, don’t become clogged.

In using sunscreen make sure you cover every part of your body that you can reach. Sunscreen is literally a magic potion, invest in the right one and make sure it isn’t out of date and voila your skin would be thanking you on a daily.

Your skin would begin to look rather youthful, plump and have its own radiance.

Along with sunscreen invest in light coloured clothes, oversized hats and umbrellas. Anything to keep the sun away. And if you will be spending extended periods in areas where it’s mostly sunny, make sure the clothing you are using has a coating aligned to protect against the sun.

Sunburns are mostly caused when proper precautions aren’t taken. Another shocking fact is that sunburns can also occur in the winter seasons too. And it’s knowledgeable to know that around 80 % of UV can still cause the same effects even if they are reflecting from or through an object. Sunscreen should be applied as a morning routine on a daily.

Healthcares urge to ease into the sunlight, start out with two hours, make it three and so forth. And continuously tend to stress the importance of staying hydrated.

And if there is a sunburn, which is unbearable, some skin experts urge you to run cold water on top of it, to clean the area. Apply a soothing over the counter lotion or any sort of relief cream. All are available at the local pharmacy. Avoid tight clothing, as this would further aggravate the skin,

If the case worsens and blisters form to visit a doctor.

You are advised to invest in a good sunscreen, to avoid the sunburn trauma altogether. If there is an onset of a sunburn avoids the sun, don’t push your skin to its limits. Avoid tight clothing, or any other fabric, which may further irritate the skin. Your skin is amongst one of your most prized possessions.

Again invest in a good pair of sunglasses, as they protect you from UVA and UVB rays. The skin around the eyes is amongst the most sensitive areas on the face. Compromising this skin can cause wrinkles rapidly.

Lastly check if one suffers from any medical conditions, as certain diseases like lupus can make individuals more sensitive towards sunburn. Some use of medications can do that too, example; antibiotics. It is advisable to discuss this with your health care providers in detail.

And if despite all the precautions are taken your skin has still gotten burned. Try to sooth the skin, cool it; could be with a damp towel or with products which contain Aloe Vera etc. As this will extract the heat out of your skin.

Another method is indulging in a cold bath, after which pat dry your skin and applying a soothing moisturiser on top. This will overcome the dryness the skin is feeling.

Such care is necessary because on the surface of it these seem very temporary issues, but in some cases, the cases can worsen and cause lifelong damage. This damage can increase a person’s chances of getting skin cancer and other skin related problems.

Love your skin, as it’s the best piece of clothing you have.

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