Four Places to Visit During Your Phuket Vacation

Phuket is a traveler’s paradise. Also referred to as the Pearl of the Andaman Sea, it is laden with a diversity of beaches which you can pay a visit. Not only can you find peace in these beaches, but the limestone karts and the lush of rainforests will also make it hard to leave.

While you might want to live in this moment, it might be tough to experience everything all at once. Luckily, this article lists four areas that will offer you an amazing impression of Phuket in preparation for your next visit.

Here are four breathtaking ways to experience Phuket during your first visit:

Go Beach-Hopping

If you love beaches, then you will feel at home with the diversity of beaches in Phuket. Typically, most people will choose to visit the main beaches such as Patong, Kata, and Karon. Although these will offer you the most bang for your buck, they might be a little crowded during the peak seasons for traveling.

The alternative would be to hire a car or motorbike and go to the less crowded beaches to get some privacy, according to You can visit the Nai Thon, Kata Noi, Surin or even Banana beach to get the same load of fun. On these beaches, you can enjoy everything from sunbathing to snorkeling, depending on what your cup of tea is.

Experience the Landscape at the Karon Viewpoint

Due to its mountainous terrain, Phuket boasts a great view and many viewpoints from which you can see more of the island. The Karon Viewpoint tends to be among the most popular ones. While you can enjoy seeing the Andaman Sea on one side, you can experience the view of three bay areas on the other side.

Being a magnet for tourists, you might have to swim through the sea of selfie sticks, but the picture-perfect view is worth it. If you would want to experience more of the island from another perspective, you might want to also visit other viewpoints:

  • Ya Nui Viewpoint
  • Kata Noi Viewpoint
  • Radar Hill Viewpoint
  • Khao Rang Hill

Visit Wat Chalong or the Big Buddha

Your trip to Phuket is never complete without experiencing their rich cultural background. So, why not visit Wat Chalong? Here you can visit the Grand Pagoda and get a glimpse into the life of Buddha, the originator of Zen Buddhism.

Want to see a statue of him and experience an even greater view? You can see Phuket’s largest statue by visiting Mt. Nagakerd in Karon. Other than the statue telling the story of the core beliefs of the Phuket culture, you can also enjoy a 360° view of the wonders of the southern part of Phuket.

Learn To Cook Thai Cuisine

Thai cuisine has earned a place in the world of culinary enthusiasts. While being well known for its spicy edge and its aromatic riches, the Thai cuisine will leave you mesmerized. Typically, rice and Thai native herbs form the core of the cuisine with other delicacies like Pad Thai and Tom Yum soup taking center stage.

Lucky for you, there are plenty of culinary schools that teach the art of cooking Thai cuisine. Visit one of these schools and take home the skill to prepare the meals as a souvenir.


Phuket has so much to offer that you can’t experience it in a week. While these examples might be a great way to start your experience, you can also choose to go scuba diving, bike at Koh Yao Noi Island or even try bungee jumping. Visit Phuket anytime and experience the above places and much more.

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