The Ultimate Style Guide to Travel Fashion

As weird as it may sound, travel fashion has become the latest buzzword in the lifestyle circuit around the world. Both traveling and fashion have their own individual significance in our lives. Traveling is essential to allow us a much-needed break from our monotonous routine and gives us a much-needed system reboot. Whether you head to a bustling metropolis to enjoy some nightlife or to a secluded beach resort to feel close to nature and unwind, either way, traveling is an extremely rejuvenating experience for mind, body, and soul. Besides all its intrinsic benefits, traveling has also become somewhat a status symbol. Many people aspire to travel to exotic destinations and stay at luxury hotels, just to be able to flaunt their Facebook check-ins and Instagram photos.

The fashion and lifestyle industry, on the other hand, has picked up rapidly in the past few years and have impacted general human life to a great deal. The fashion fever is no more limited to college proms and wedding receptions. In fact, it has become a lifestyle symbol where fashionistas follow trends at work, at college and even at grocery shopping. There are actual style guides for shopping days, corporate fashion and high street fashion so much so that fashion houses have launched dedicated lines to cater to these segments.

One of the latest additions to the fashion game is travel fashion, also known as Airport style. The idea of travel fashion is to promote traveling in style so that you make an impression as you wander around with your backpack smartly tucked at your back.

Contrary to popular myth, following travel fashion, or fashion of any form whatsoever does not mean you are expected to break your bank account by investing in a plethora of designer goodies. In fact, you can stay fashionable by carrying low priced unbranded clothing and accessories too, as long as you are right on the trend game. As a matter of fact, contemporary style factors in your convenience and comfort.

That means that by following the travel fashion trends, you will eventually benefit by traveling in a comfortable fashion and will be able thoroughly to enjoy your trip, while also taking gorgeous pictures. If you are planning to travel anytime soon an are clueless about how to keep up with the travel fashion game, here are a few key things that you should remember.


There is no rocket science that you will have to carry your luggage along when you will travel, however, the real question is what type of luggage makes a piece of good and stylish luggage?  Interestingly, your luggage and how you carry it at the airport or train station is a very important part of your travel fashion. At the airport, your luggage holds the same fashion significance as your handbag does on a regular day.  When buying a piece of luggage, make sure that it is not something too bulky. Bigger bulkier suitcases are not only difficult to manage, but also look like an eyesore. Go for sleek contemporary designs that are lightweight and easy to manage. Medium sized four-wheel trolleys will be your best bet. It is highly recommended that you travel as light as possible. Even if you are traveling as a large family with young kids, try to keep your luggage smaller and light.


Since the mantra is to go with smaller luggage, backpacks can be a huge lifesaver when it comes to extra storage space. Interestingly, backpacks have also been a huge rage in the fashion circuit and the trend is here to stay. Backpacks not only look smart, trendy and convenient, but they also make life much easier for you on the move as you will not have to carry your entire luggage everywhere and can only take your essentials in your backpack.


Most travelers are tempted to stuff in every single garment they have in their closet, especially when they are going on extended holidays. However, the fact is that you will not even be using most of them and will only find yourself struggling to manage the unwanted clutter. Being fashionable does not mean that you need three different outfits for a single day. Take clothes according to the weather conditions at the destination that you are traveling to. For a summer destination, such as a tropical beach, stick to a couple of t-shirts and a few shorts and denim. Add swimwear for pools and beaches and you are good to go. For colder destinations, warm clothing with a good quality of hoodie should be good to go.


The latest fashion trends encourage the “less is more” doctrine. Especially when you are traveling, it is highly recommended that you go easy on the accessories to avoid the risk of loss or damage. The best accessory that would make you look classy on your trip would be a classic quality wristwatch.  There are types of wristwatches on the more affordable end as well as ones that rank on the higher scale for better quality. Wristwatches do not only tell time but are also a classic accessory item that has many cool features that comes in handy for traveling. You do not necessarily have to invest in a Rolex when traveling. But for a decent timepiece, something contemporary such as a Tudor Pelagos would be an excellent choice to make a style statement.

Cosmetics and Toiletries

Most good resorts and hotels do provide complimentary toiletries, yet many tourists feel the need of taking their toiletries along with them. It looks very off when you are walking past someone with hair that has not been shampooed in ages. Although it is a good idea to take your own toiletries since the hotel provided ones might not suit your skin type. Likewise, you would want to pack some cosmetic essentials so that you can dress up the way you like even when you are on the move. However, avoid stuffing your face with layers of makeup and stick to natural looks. You might be tempted to take your huge vanity bag along, however, it is best that you leave the vanity case behind and make a small pouch of travel sized cosmetics instead of full sized ones.

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