Every Ounce Counts, and Light Can Be Bright

When you travel, you have a lot to think about – where you intend to go, making sure you let people know your plans, making sure you have the right calories, and being able to stay reasonably comfortable throughout your trip. The further off the proverbial “beaten path” you intend to go, the more important all of this becomes.

Weight also becomes an issue sooner than many people would think. Every ounce you’re carrying on your back can feel like several pounds after a few hours, so every item you carry should pull double duty if it’s possible at all. This is why bringing the right light is essential.

Having Enough Functions

Obviously, a flashlight is going to be important, so you can see where you’re going and check your map during dusk, early morning, and at nighttime. Everyone knows that a flashlight is going to have at least that one function. However, many people don’t think of a flashlight as a signaling tool. While everybody knows that having a mirror and the ability to make fire can be vital, if you ever get lost or injured, not many people consider how useful it is to have a reliable flashlight.

Consider that many of the best flashlights have different settings, such as a low setting for reading your map and a high setting for seeing where you’re going. Another great setting that a Tactical Flashlight for Backpackers should have is flashing, as well as an SOS function that goes a step further. There are times when you really need to see, and there are also times when you desperately need to be seen.


When you take anything out into the woods, there’s the possibility of it taking a fall, getting wet, or of having all kinds of unpredictable things happen to it. For all you know, any random item might even end up falling into a fire. This is why flashlights that are made of materials such as aircraft aluminum are so excellent at doing their jobs.

Another thing you have to remember about durability is that not all damage comes from blunt force trauma. The wilderness is often a damp place, even in a desert, and being prepared for the potential for water damage is a huge part of ensuring your flashlight is going to be just as useful when you bring it home, as it is when you first set out.

A Step Beyond Durability

There are times when simply being durable isn’t going to be good enough. In those situations, you need to be able to handle potentially dangerous situations. In the wilderness, there are animals, and there are people who act this way. In a case where you find yourself getting attacked, you want to be sure that whatever you’re holding is going to be able to help you fight off a potential attacker. This means durability, and having a serrated edge can also be

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